Monday, the Boy Scouts of America National Council is set to officially lift the ban on openly gay adults working in leadership positions like
counselors or den leaders. The new measures will also ban discrimination based on sexual orientation for employment within the organization. the Christian right is clearly its collective throat.

70 percent of Scout troops are sponsored by religious organizations. Both the Mormon Church and the National Catholic Committee
on Scouting, two expressed
support for the rule change while still emphasizing their right to
select leaders that are in accord with their doctrine. In other words they are free to continue to discriminate.

The Christian right is still feeding off of the Planned Parenthood buffet but it is likely to pivot back to gay hate this week. It is doing what comes naturally and homophobia (in the true sense of the word) still fills the coffers. Moreover, Huckabee – now having pissed off most Jews in America with his Iran comments – is probably ready to resume his display of anti-gay bigotry. After all he has books to sell and a vanity candidacy to promote. Our friend Tony Perkins is likely to take the lead in promoting pederast projections although I have an hysterical email from local crackpot and Rubio pal John Stemberger. The common theme that I expect is “it’s just common sense.” The utterly false suggestion is that men attracted to men are sexually attracted to boys.

It is the worst kind of bigotry which serves to reinforce societal fear of gays as a threat to children. It is the equivalent of claiming that Jews use the blood of Christian children in rituals or that African-American men are obsessed with raping white women. It is also equally factually incorrect. One would be hard pressed to find a case where an openly gay male molested a child. We are likely to see a “Sandusky” or two thrown around. However, consistent with the research, Mr. Sandusky is not gay. He is not attracted to men and he would have been considered an ideal Scout leader under the current policy.

I can see it now; “Not only is the Boy Scouts of America letting in more Sanduskys (it is not) but elite liberals are seeking to deny treatment to teens who, as a result of being molested, now have same-sex attraction.” Childhood abuse does not affect sexual orientation. Children who are molested do need professional support and will continue to receive it. However gay teens should not be coerced into toxic “therapies” falsely purporting to change their sexual orientation.

I expect to see the full panoply – an impressive cornucopia – of reliable gay smear rhetoric. Those who claim to want to protect children are willing to knowingly damage gay children in order to bring in the sheaves, ring up the registers, sell their books and increase their speaking fees. Our job is to raise awareness of the dog whistles and to call out the cynical demagoguery.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.