Brian S. Brown
Brian Brown — Grifter

National Organization for Marriage has little interest in the so-called First Amendment Defense Act. They know that President Obama is never going to sign it even if, by some chance, it passes both houses of Congress. They also know that there is little that NOM can do to effect its approval. For Brian Brown FADA is nothing more than an excuse for NOM to continue to exist.

According to Brown in a blog post titled: “This Is What’s Coming Unless We Pass the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA):

Many people still have their head in the sand when it comes to the damage that the US Supreme Court’s illegitimate ruling redefining marriage will eventually mean for religious liberty and people of faith. Let me just say it directly, this is what is coming:

Your pastor or priest could be arrested and jailed for preaching the gospel.

That is just flat out bullshit. Brown knows that is bullshit. Is there some exception to that prohibition on bearing false witness when it is on behalf of the Catholic Church? Does NOM get some kind of Papal-Pass?

There are currently Christian clergy whose preaching is racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim or anti whatever else seems to bother them. None have ever been prosecuted, let alone arrested or jailed. None will ever be prosecuted, let alone arrested or jailed. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees their freedom. Mr. Brown continues:

Think I am exaggerating? Think again: A high ranking Catholic Bishop, His Excellency Vitus Huonder, Bishop of Chur, Switzerland, is now facing criminal charges brought by a homosexual advocacy group …

We are not in fucking Switzerland, are we? Of course Brown has a solution to all this persecution:

We’re going to eventually see this kind of persecution here in the United States unless we pass the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) to protect ministers, churches, religious organizations, nonprofit groups, individuals and small businesses. We need your immediate financial gift of $25, $35, $50, $75 or $100 or more to pass this critical legislation.

More lies. They are already protected by the First Amendment and sending Brown’s little hate group money isn’t going to do a damned thing except to pay Brian Brown and some expenses. This is a group that has never succeeded at anything and they have the temerity to keep asking for more money. In simplest terms sending National Organization for Marriage money is going to do nothing to pass this legislation.

What I want to know is this. What does Brian Brown do all day? Now that he has lost the cause for which his group was created what is on his calendar?