Kim Davis
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Kim Davis is the twice divorced Rowan County Kentucky Clerk who claims that her office cannot, and will not, issue marriage licenses to gay couples because of her religious beliefs. In summary, the current (temporary) stay requiring Davis to issue the marriage licenses expires on August 31. The Sixth Circuit could extend or terminate the stay at its discretion.

The Sixth Circuit is not going to decide this case until sometime in 2016 (see the briefing schedule below). My best guess is that the Court is going to allow Bunning’s stay to expire on the 31st or terminate the stay between now and then.

Here’s the ticktock through Thursday, August 20:

August 12 US District Court Judge David L. Bunning orders Davis to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Liberty Counsel files a notice of appeal.
August 13 Davis (on the advice of Liberty Counsel) defies the court’s order and continues to refuse to process marriage licenses for gay couples. Liberty Counsel files a request for a stay. At this point, Davis is in contempt of court and Liberty Counsel is guilty of misconduct per se.
August 17 In a convoluted ruling, Judge Bunning denies the stay but temporarily stays his denial shifting the burden to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.
August 19 Judge Bunning issues another order to the effect that the August 17 temporary stay shall expire on August 31 absent any order to the contrary from the Sixth Circuit.
August 20 The Sixth Circuit sets the briefing schedule, briefing schedule: appellant (Kim Davis) brief due October 2;. appellee (the gay couples) brief due November 4.

By David Cary Hart

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