Braeden Lange

Wednesday, Linda Harvey took to the pages of the ever-intellectual WND with “The LGBT house of horrors.” In summary, every day is the evil side of Halloween because adults accept the sexual orientation or gender identity of children. Oh my, they might otherwise change their minds.

I rarely pay attention to Linda Harvey. She is clearly insane — a LaBarberaesque crackpot. However, she provides an example of how the religious right manipulates facts to support their biblical world view. They are fiercely determined to promote the concept that sexual identity and sexual orientation are choices that people make.

The piece is a Gish Gallop of misinformation. I am only interested in one baffling section dealing with Braeden Lange. A couple of months ago I saw the ESPN video about Lange and I had an emotional reaction. According to Ms. Harvey, however:

A 12- year- old lacrosse player declared himself to be “gay” back in August, and ESPN broadcast this to the whole world. There goes any chance for this boy to grow up in privacy and be allowed the freedom to change his mind. No, that would be homophobic. Better to trap him with this false label for the good of the movement. Denying one’s actual male heterosexual biology is heroic and courageous in the truth-free “LGBT” parallel universe.

Ms. Harvey is factually incorrect. The 12-year-old, Braeden Lange, came out to his friends earlier in the year. What this story is really about is how Braeden and his parents coped with the bullying that followed his coming out. As ESPN explained at the time:

Sunday’s edition of SC Featured on SportsCenter will tell the story of Braeden Lange, a 12-year-old Pennsylvania lacrosse player who was bullied after coming out as gay but found solace in an ESPN feature produced 10 years earlier.

The 2005 feature was about Andrew Goldstein, a Dartmouth lacrosse player, who came out while in college. He later became the first openly gay athlete to play in an American pro sports league (Major League Lacrosse).

Fortunately, Braeden has parents who are smarter than Ms. Harvey. Yet the bullying that Braeden experienced can be directly attributed to Harvey and her ilk. They intentionally promote falsehoods about sexual orientation and gay people.They require the world to conform to ancient texts. Most of them accept the fact that Earth rotates around the sun. However other falsehoods are not easily dispelled.

The rest of Harvey’s diatribe is a crackpot’s fantasy. While there is some fluidity in sexual orientation to suggest that it is subject to a “change of mind” is absurd. Equally idiotic is the notion that this has anything to do with a “movement.” That is shorthand for the evil Homosexual Agenda™. As for “one’s actual male heterosexual biology” — that is the preposterous notion that everyone is heterosexual unless they choose to be homosexual. Ms. Harvey is not a biologist. Nor, for that matter, does she possess any erudition in social science. The continuum of sexual orientation is clearly beyond her limited comprehension. For the Bible tells her so.

The ESPN story has been recently updated here.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.