Tony Perkins and Kim Davis

Friday’s money-beg from Tony Perkins, president of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council, is framed around FRC’s support for Kim Davis — which was irrelevant. Perkins and his group understand FRC’s constituency better than most groups. While the most people think Davis should have gone to jail (and even more thought that she should have quit), Perkins can still count on FRC’s supporters to wallow in Davis’ self-victimization.

The email is titled “Violate your faith, or else!”

Two months ago I visited a fellow Christian put
in jail for simply being a Christian in America. And it’s important that
you know the real story and why it matters.

Kim Davis wasn’t looking for trouble. But it found her and she refused to run.

Just a couple of months ago, this elected county clerk in Kentucky, a Democrat,
chose jail rather than violate biblical truth about marriage by signing her
name to state marriage licenses for same-sex couples. She asked for a legal
“opt-out accommodation” routinely granted to many other officials for various
reasons. But her reasonable request was flatly denied.

Perkins is not telling the truth. He is counting on people not remembering the facts. Oddly enough, in not telling the truth about Davis, Perkins is confirming the fact that the real story is not likely to garner any sympathy for her.

Davis was never required to sign her name to marriage licenses. She was prohibiting deputy clerks from signing their names. She also did not ask for an opt-out (that came later). Davis declared that her office would never issue a marriage license to a gay couple.

Perkins then repeats the same lies:

So I want to set the record straight about Kim.

The last thing she ever wanted was to be involved in a major confrontation with the very government she served. But in the wake of the Supreme Court’s redefinition of marriage, she was caught in the cultural crossfire.

As a Christian, she felt that she could not sign her name to marriage licenses for same-sex couples. So she sought an accommodation from the governor of Kentucky so she would not have to compromise her deeply held religious beliefs.

Her request was denied. As the county clerk, she would have to sign same-sex marriage licenses or else. Kim chose the “or else.”

Again, nowhere was her signature required. Personally, I think that the major confrontation is precisely what Davis wanted. The woman thrives on, and consumes, attention. This goes on and on with links to “” which resolves to FRC’s donation page. Later on:

We saw this recently in Houston, Texas. Five local pastors had their communications and sermons subpoenaed by the mayor last November after they stood up for religious freedom in the face of a radical ordinance being pushed by the city. This ordinance would have given special rights and privileges to people based solely on their sexual behavior, and would have punished those who refused to go along with the LGBT agenda and violate their faith.

Again, Mr. Perkins is not telling the truth. Subpoenas were issued by the outside lawyers for the city after those pastors sued the city. The pastors lost at trial. They failed to provide enough signatures to put the HERO ordinance on the ballot. They prevailed by appealing to the GOP controlled Texas Supreme Court. Texas is Texas. This idea of dishonestly calling equal rights “special rights” no longer flies with the general public. That stopped gaining purchase ten to twenty years ago but Perkins knows FRC’s constituency.

Later on, between the same links to the donation site:

When FRC heard of Kim’s travails, we immediately rallied behind her. In national television appearances, on our Washington Watch
radio program, and daily email alerts, FRC has also enlisted millions
more Americans to stand by her. She has been moved to tears by the
outpouring of support she has received, thanks in part to FRC.

And? What difference did that make? How did that change or influence the outcome? Why should people finance an enterprise that makes no difference? FRC and all the bigots that Tony Perkins could summon were unable to stop national marriage equality. They lost the big one. It is a loss from which they will never fully recover.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.