Bill Johnson, head of the American Decency Association has some odd ideas about decency. Apparently “decency” requires indecently disparaging LGBT citizens and their children. Today he writes, in an email to supporters:

Most people, whether Christian or not, have a God-given instinct to protect children. That’s why we have a special kind of anger and revulsion when we hear news accounts of children who were abused, assaulted, or murdered.

Yet as our nation’s collective conscience is deadened, we see the loss of that protective instinct. As a predator stalks the weakest in a herd, so we see forces of evil directed at the most defenseless among us.

In a battle of worldviews, children are “spoils” that go to the victor. As our culture’s view of morality changes at warp speed, these little ones are one of the last remaining targets.

Teach children from the youngest of ages that homosexuality and transgenderism are normal lifestyles and they will grow up believing it is so.

It would appear that Mr. Johnson is calling gay people predators.  Furthermore, neither sexual orientation nor sexual identity define a “lifestyle.“ This is an appeal to prejudice by lumping us all together. And yes if one properly teaches a child that being gay or transgender is perfectly normal (which is correct) then there is less probability that the child will grow up to be a bigot with respect to sexual minorities. It gets worse:

This moral revolution has made its way from college campuses, to high school locker rooms, and now even in daycare centers, as the LGBT agenda is systematically pushed upon America’s children.

In Katy, Texas the homosexual parents of a 6-year-old girl recently demanded that the workers at the child’s daycare begin referring to the little girl as a boy, and call her “John” (not the actual name given).

In that one sentence we see how this little girl, raised by two homosexual men, is being impacted by both homosexuality and transgenderism.

The local Fox station (yes that Fox and in Texas) was informative:

“I think there’s a strong indication that a lot of this is biological,” child psychologist Dr. Andrew Brams tells Fox-26.

Brams say gender dysphoria is the clinical name for it, with genetic science to back it up. He says there’s evidence in chromosomes that make that can make the individuals feel very different, even at that young age.

“It is possible that they will have some type of awareness that the gender that they are currently in just doesn’t fit for them,” Brams says.

Later on in the interview (emphasis added):

One added element of the story is that the child’s parents are both men. FOX 26 has spoken with the couple. They did not want to discuss their situation, and we are not revealing their identity.

But it has made some people wonder if a gay couple influenced a child to be transgender.

Dr. Brams feels that’s unlikely.

“I understand the fears that they have,” said Brams, “But I want to tell you, in my clinical experience working with same sex partners, because I do a lot of work with foster-hood and adoption, I think these families are very well adjusted. I think they are even sometimes more psychologically mindful, or even more aware of, making sure their child is brought up in a healthy environment, with good self-esteem and a good feeling about themselves.”

Apparently Mr. Johnson evil, predatory gays are usually very good parents. But he continues his tirade:

gay marriage has been forced upon our nation, it will only increase the
number of foster/adoptive children placed with gay/lesbian
parents. Recently, when one courageous judge in Utah removed a baby from
the foster home of two lesbians, stating that he believed children are
better off when raised by both a mother and a father, the judge received
such backlash he has now removed himself from the case.

The backlash occurred because the judge attested to research that did not exist. It was clear that he was practicing religion rather than judicial oversight. Johnson is also suggesting that a child is better off in the system than in the care of a loving same-sex couple.

Later on:

Yet in the case of this six-year-old girl, there were two women in her life who refused to go along with the insanity of calling her “John” and treating her as a boy. Two female employees of the Children’s Lighthouse Learning Center, where the child attends, refused to refer to the little girl as a boy.

Their efforts to not only look out for the best interest of this little girl, but also the protection of the other children under their care, cost them their jobs. One of the fired employees told Breitbart news: “As a Christian and mother of a child who attends the Children’s Lighthouse, I didn’t want to expose the other children or my child to this subject.” She also said it would expose the child to ridicule and harassment,
as well as confuse the other students.

As this fired employee told a local news outlet: “I don’t think we should be talking to other people’s children who are under the age of 18 about being transgender.” Yet such a commonsense viewpoint is now vilified in a culture that uses children as pawns in an effort to impose a degenerate worldview.

In other words, two individuals embraced the idea that their religious beliefs allowed them to substitute their judgment for that of the child’s parents. Moreover these two nitwits decided that the owner of the business should submit to conservative Christian dogma. But it’s okay if you are Christian.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.