Like his fellow Sob Sister of Sodom, Brian Brown, Tony Perkins – head of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council – has been sending out a torrent of year-end money-begs. Apparently we have a surplus of “matching donors” in this country. These donations are tax deductible which means that we all subsidize this bullshit.

I was struck by Perkins’ summary of 2015 accomplishments — all of which are in the abstract. But first the warm-up stretches:

I need to hear from you immediately to help protect the values you and I cherish … That’s why I’m asking you to donate now. Time is almost up—but it’s not too late. And a matching grant will still double your donation.

[ … ]

FRC is the most influential organization in Washington, D.C.,
advancing the full spectrum of faith, family, and freedom and opposing
the radical, secular Left.

Intentional or not, Perkins’ punctuation leads to the conclusion that FRC is the most influential organization in Washington, DC. Religious fanatics like Perkins always refer to people who disagree with them as “radical.”  Perkins has direct ties to the Klan and he dares call people who don’t share his views “radical.”

Behold the hyperbole:

  • When extremists have tried to eliminate religious freedom in the military, FRC has responded by exposing their outrageous actions in Congress. Several times we have halted their momentum. But in 2016, we must be prepared to follow up.
  • When President Obama has attempted to impose abortion provisions
    through ObamaCare . . . discrimination against Americans who hold a
    biblical view of marriage and sexual morality . . . and ignored
    persecution of Christians in America and abroad . . . FRC blew the whistle, putting the president and his allies like Planned Parenthood on the defensive. Now we need funding to counter these threats in 2016.
  • When “moderates” tried to steer the Republican Party away from
    faith, family, and freedom in Congress and in the grassroots, FRC
    responded with researched facts and arguments, and rallied grassroots people of faith to oppose them. Now we must keep the heat on in 2016 as the election sparks more debate about religious faith in government and society.

What did FRC accomplish in 2015? What do they intend to do with donors’ money in 2016 that will be any better. There has been no real threat to religious freedom in the military and Obama never tried to “impose abortion provisions through Obamacare.” Perkins defines discrimination as Christians being prohibited from refusing service to people they disapprove of. As for FRC’s “researched facts and arguments” those are usually the product of faux scholars whose only erudition is in theology.

So I ask again; What did these people accomplish in 2015? Is paying a large group of people, with mediocre intellect, far more money than they could ever earn in commerce and industry an accomplishment?

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.