I just received yet another money-grub, this one for National Organization for Marriage Education Fund. Amazingly “our $200,000 challenge grant also applies to tax-deductible gifts.” Apparently they have no idea how idiotic and phony this all sounds. But the real story is this on NOM’s blog: “State Seizes Christian Couple’s Bank Accounts To Pay Lesbians Over ‘Wedding’ Cake Dispute.”

Someone at NOM needs adult supervision. One never, ever believes Todd Starnes without a double-check.

The Oregonian reported on Monday:

Aaron Klein, co-owner of the shuttered Sweet Cakes by Melissa, walked
into the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries’ Portland office and
handed over a check for $136,927.07, an amount including accrued
interest, agency spokesman Charlie Burr said.

NOM’s version is a bit different:

In a shocking development, the state of Oregon has raided three bank accounts owned by Aaron and Melissa Klein, the Oregon bakers who politely refused to bake a “wedding” cake for a lesbian couple because of their sincerely held religious beliefs.

Well, none of that is true and there is no polite way to refuse service to people one disapproves of. Furthermore, they can use up all the scare quotes in the universe and it doesn’t change the simple fact that gay couples can legally marry throughout the United States. Their approval is neither sought nor required. At this point it all looks rather idiotic as if they are trying to alter reality to suit their religious beliefs.

NOM’s version of events came from Todd Starnes who wrote:

Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries had confiscated all the cash
in Mrs. Klein’s checking account and savings account as well as a
special account set aside for their church tithe.

Yes, friends – the state of Oregon stole money meant for our Lord.

It was their Lord’s money! Please.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.