Tony Perkins - hate group leader

Thursday, hate group leader Tony Perkins and Family Research Council are once again raising money off of Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, the bakers who flouted Oregon’s anti-discrimination laws. FRC is, again, misrepresenting the facts and the Kleins are complicit in the deception. How very “Christian” of them all. Conservative Christians have been raising money off of the Kleins for more than three years now.

The subject of FRC’s email is “RE: your rehabilitation appointment” and the text begins:

If you believe the Bible, the State of Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries wants to “REHABILITATE” you. And this isn’t just in Oregon. PLEASE READ and TAKE ACTION to protect your freedom . . .

In essence, that’s what the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries asked Aaron and Melissa Klein and their children.

Brad Avakian, the powerful state Bureau of Labor and Industry Commissioner, wants the Kleins to “rehabilitate” themselves by dropping their biblical belief about marriage.

The Kleins refused his “rehabilitation” offer and stood by their biblical convictions.

FRC’s intent is to piss off the faithful. The objective of this email is to have people think “how dare they?” The reality is that the state wanted to work with the Kleins so that they would have a clear understanding of what is, and what is not, permissible according to state law. That effort is called “rehabilitation.” FRC wants people to infer something more sinister.

Of equal importance FRC is passing off a preposterous idea as something that is reasonable. The theme has been repeated so many times that we lose sight of the fact that it is clearly unreasonable to subscribe to the notion that baking a cake violates religious belief. There is also an element of selective observation since they are probably baking cakes for people on their second or third marriages, atheists and other sundry sinners per se.

These ignorant narcissists seem to think that their approval is required by gay people. Therefore, by withholding the cake they are withholding approval. It is the very definition of self-victimization and, fortunately, it is not all that common. Most people who do business with the public are considerably saner. That is why, for the past eight years or so, the Christian right has been fawning over the same photographer, the same two bakers and the same florist. Republicans in some state legislatures are intent on reinforcing what is nonsense. For their part, FRC knows that it has an incurious constituency.

FRC continues with the usual bullshit:

As a result, they were penalized over $135,000 and financially destroyed for politely declining to help celebrate a same-sex wedding when a gay couple asked them to create their wedding cake.

The Kleins, whose small shop known as Sweet Cakes by Melissa, were also targets of a boycott . . . massive picketing . . . death threats . . . a raid ordered by Avakian of their private bank accounts . . . and a gag order against publicly expressing their religious beliefs on marriage.

  1. There is no “polite” way to refuse service.
  2. No one asked them to “celebrate” anything.
  3. Their bank accounts weren’t seized. Aaron Klein personally delivered a check.
  4. There was no gag order. They were prohibited from de facto discrimination. They could post a sign that they disapprove of same-sex marriage but they could not post a sign saying that they do not bake cakes for same-sex marriages.
  5. Not mentioned is that fact that the Kleins probably received donations well in excess of the fine.
  6. Death threats? Please.

By the way, according to that February 25, 2013 video, Christians inside the store vastly outnumbered protesters outside the store. Take a look. Note, by the way, that the Kleins are not exactly the brightest lights in the chandelier:

This all comes to a predictable conclusion:

Today I’m asking for your donation as FRC’s policy team moves swiftly to stop this anti-Christian “rehabilitation” tyranny—because it’s already spread across the nation into the halls of power in Washington, New York, and Hollywood.

There is more than a subtle hint of anti-Semitism in the addition of New York and Hollywood to the hyperbole. No surprise. Family Research Council is a hate group.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.