A Catholic Priest and school head in the Dominican Republic, Father Manuel Ruiz, has posted three signs on school property that US Ambassador Brewster is not permitted on the premises. As best as I can determine Ambassador Brewster had no intention of visiting the school so posting the sign was nothing more than childish provocation. It is no surprise.

In July, 2013 Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez, Archbishop of Santo Domingo referred to then nominee James “Wally” Brewster as a “faggot.” Nevertheless, Mr. Brewster was unanimously confirmed by the US Senate. This month the deranged cardinal said that the accomplices of Ambassador Brewster are “pimps and reptiles.” The excesses of the cardinal in what is a very impoverished country are well known. The man needs to learn some manners. Ambassador Brewster is a proxy for the will and presence of the President of the United States.

Father Ruiz and Cardinal Rodríguez have both accused Brewster of activism. It would seem, however, that his very presence with his husband in the country constitutes an affront to the Catholic hierarchy and the country’s evangelical Protestants leaders. 95% of the populace is Roman Catholic.

is violating our law every time he visits a school with his husband,”
Fidel Lorenzo, leader of the 9,000-church Dominican
Council of Evangelical Unity told LifeSiteNews. Lorenzo went on to say: We don’t respond to him as a homosexual. But we respond to him as an activist for others with his condition.” I did not know that I have a “condition.”

I am going to guess that Brewster and his husband have been explicitly invited to visit some schools. There are grownups in the Dominican Republic.

Meanwhile the country has more pressing issues. Perhaps the cardinal should work to reduce the infant mortality rate which is comparable to Botswana (150/100,000 live births). The US rate is 21 — much of Europe is at 4. The country also has some serious challenges in providing sanitation and drinkable water. Moreover, more than 1% of the population is HIV positive. Youth unemployment is greater than 31% and nearly 10% of adults are illiterate. There seem to be ample opportunities for these priests to stay busy other than gay bashing.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.