Howard Hunter III with family

Howard Hunter, III of Ahoskie was one of 12 Democrats who vote with Republicans in favor of North Carolina House Bill 2 (which nullified Charlotte’s anti-discrimination ordinance). He did so out of sheer ignorance — believing the anti-LGBT talking points.

It is worth noting that Monday morning two transgender people, a law school professor and civil liberties groups filed a lawsuit in federal court in an effort to have it declared unconstitutional. But I digress. Hunter’s legislative “logic” is instructive given that he crossed over to the dark side.

I had my mind locked in on living up to my morals and values that men have no place in a women’s restroom, no matter if that man alleges he identifies himself as a woman psychologically.

Rep. Hunter might have a bright political future but not with that staggering lack of critical thinking. Before his mind was “locked” he should have had the intellectual curiosity to meet with some transgender kids and their parents. Moreover, this isn’t about what someone “alleges” which means unsubstantiated. The expression of sexual identity usually happens after years of intensive medical and psychological care. It’s not dress-up.

I need to stress that my vote does not reflect any negative feelings towards the LCBT community; I do not discriminate against anyone. I was all about protecting women and children from possible predators in a public bathroom. I can live with that; I can rest at night with the way I voted regarding that portion of the bill.

Hunter can claim anything he likes but signing on to this bill reflects hostility to the LGBT community. Hunter is suggesting that some transgender people are predators from whom women and children need protection. If Rep. Hunter had sufficient intellectual curiosity he might have found out that there has never been an incident where trans people have appropriate access. Claiming that LGBT people present a threat to children is SOP for right wing Christian crackpots.

I understand the gay and lesbian community because I have friends, and some colleagues, who are active members of that lifestyle and I accept them for who they are. It’s the transgender community that I don’t know that much about. The transgender community is not out in the open here in the rural areas of our state as it is in the metro areas. Perhaps I need to do a better job of educating myself about transgender individuals.

Does Rep Hunter possibly not know that sexual orientation is not a “lifestyle.” If he really understood us then he would know that referring to lifestyle is exceptionally offensive. I give him credit for some introspection and I realize that Republicans were desperate to advance this bill as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, he is correct. He needs to meet some transgender folks. GOPers are obsessed with where transgender people can pee. Perhaps if 12 Dems had not voted with them they could have at least slowed the process for some testimony.

Hunter goes on to claim that the 12 Democrats were all from rural areas. As a Black man in the South he should know that this is not about what is popular, particularly in those rural areas. This is about right and wrong and it is wrong to punish transgender children.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.