Two hate group leaders, Brian Brown and Tony Perkins have decided that their best strategy is to turn the tables on LGBT citizens and label us as intolerant. Let’s start with Mr. Misadventure, Brian S. Brown of National Organization for Marriage.

Aside from the odd choice of graphics (it is rather weird butch), his email starts out:

I’m writing to ask you to act immediately to fight back against intolerant religious bigots who are intent on forcing a radical view of human nature on society even when common sense flies in the face of their dangerous agenda. Please act immediately to thank North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory for standing strong and resisting the push to allow men in intimate facilities like showers, locker rooms and restrooms that are reserved for girls and women.

That links to a rather lame petition on Brown’s ActRight enterprise. Why does McCrory need anyone’s thanks? What this is really all about – what it is always about when it comes to Mr. Brown – is the opinion of the Vatican. The pope went from ranting about “gender theory” to re-framing it as “gender ideology.” Their god is perfect. Their god is binary. Their god makes men and women — period. It’s all rather simplistic. Odder than the graphic is calling people who are resisting discrimination bigots. Is Brown’s constituency really that dense?

Let us recall what happened in North Carolina. The City of Charlotte passed a nondiscrimination ordinance that included protections for transgender people. Well that did not sit right with the good Christian legislators of North Carolina so they passed a bill that not only nullified Charlotte’s ordinance but removed LGBT discrimination protections in employment and public accommodations. The South will rise again!

Of course all of this has a familiar ring to it. As I have written previously they used to pull the same crap with Jews in the Bible Belt. That is until it became illegal. So both sides have seen this movie before. Chances are pretty good that it ends badly for the folks in North Carolina. Equality has a way of persisting. Brown goes on to write:

All across the country, radical LGBT extremists are demanding that men be treated as if they were women if the men decide they “identify” as a woman at a particular moment. This has led to girls and women being confronted by biological males in the most intimate of facilities — showers, locker rooms and restrooms. Needless to say, such a situation is a grave violation of privacy and raises very serious security and safety concerns.

That is just air-headed bullshit. People don’t identify their gender “at a particular moment.” The average transgender person has had years of intensive medical and psychiatric intervention. Of course the ever erudite Mr. Brown doesn’t believe that transgender people exist. Not because of science mind you but because some eunuch at the Vatican, a theologian and catechist has made that decision for him. We are all “radical extremists” which makes this nothing more than idiotic hyperbole.

That brings me to Tony Perkins, the sleazy Louisiana politician with direct ties to the Klan. Now as head of the hate group Family Research Council, Perkins presumes to lecture us on intolerance. According to him:

North Carolina’s policy may be settled — but the dust certainly hasn’t. After having their way with political squishes like Georgia’s Governor Nathan Deal (R), liberals are beside themselves with Governor Pat McCrory’s decision to listen to the voters of his state and repeal Charlotte’s hugely unpopular bathroom bill. Big Business is hyperventilating, out-of-state leaders are boycotting, and the ACLU is suing. But does North Carolina regret its decision? Not one bit. Unlike Georgia, McCrory knows the best way to silence a bully is ignore it.

Tony is amazing. Here we have people fighting for nondiscrimination and he is calling them bullies. This isn’t about listening to the voters. Sometimes what is right is also unpopular (if indeed that is the case). We have a representative form of government so that thoughtful men and women can gather all the information that they need to make a decision on behalf of their constituents. Our founding fathers never intended for every decision to be subject to et populi.

In this instance legislators were hell bent on pushing this through as quickly as possible — without testimony. Perhaps it would have been a good idea to meet some transgender kids and their parents. But they did not want to understand the issue. This was all about Christian privilege — the privilege to discriminate. Perkins presumes to speak for North Carolina; something he is not authorized to do.

North Carolina will ultimately regret this decision because of the economics. It will also be interesting to see what happens before a sober federal judge. McCrory might have opened Pandora’s Box if a federal court makes an Equal Protection finding. If that happens and it is appealed and upheld it becomes precedent and law throughout the Fourth Circuit. Perkins continues with his usual disingenuousness:

Isn’t it interesting how intolerant people are? Christians aren’t outlawing trips to Georgia because the governor trampled on their religious liberty. Yet entire companies are threatening to pull out of the state because Governor McCrory refused to risk the safety of his entire state for less than one half of one percent of the country’s population. And, it turns out, he may have done more to protect the people who identify as transgendered more than most liberals have. Just this week, a transgendered woman was raped in one of these new unisex bathrooms — at an LGBT landmark no less. At the Stonewall Inn in New York City, the liberals’ monument to “tolerance,” one of their own was attacked. Even here, at this bastion of sexual confusion, these policies are hurting the people they were designed to “help!”

The fact that transgender citizens comprise a tiny minority cuts both ways and this has nothing to do with anyone’s safety. The fact that someone was raped is irrelevant. The victim was a transgender woman. She was not the offender. The two issues have nothing to do with each other and trans accommodations do not propose “unisex” bathrooms. It takes a combination of balls and stupidity to try to link the two issues. Dipshit Perkins makes up this nonsense as he goes along. But he cannot help himself. He just has to refer to LGBT citizens as sexually confused. This is the kind of rhetoric that landed FRC on Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of hate groups.

Both of these guys have incurious constituencies. Real thinking people such as business leaders don’t believe this spew. Not for a second. They have the economic levers to potentially make these 18th century Calvinists conform to 21st century science. It’s not easy but in the end we will prevail. Of that I am certain.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.