The most current photo I can find of Robert Knight is from 2007

Robert Knight seems to have worked for every anti-LGBT hate group in America. Knight’s America is about Christian privilege and Christian supremacy. In Knight’s America, full citizenship is only provided to heterosexual Christians — possibly white heterosexual Christians. Mr. Knight takes to the Washington Times with his latest offering titled: “When a ‘progressive’ culture falters — The lunacy often comes with court decisions that defy common sense.

Knight doesn’t have much to say about court decisions, at least none that are meaningful to public policy. He mentions, for example, the litigation against Subway because Footlong sandwiches are shy of 12 inches. I suppose (although he doesn’t say so) that he would like us to believe that the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges is comparable to the legal sanity of grinders being a half-inch less than advertised. Sure.

Knight veers off course and eventually ends up in the Bible Belt and some gratuitous Christian persecution:

In Georgia, Gov. Nathan Deal, who won office as a conservative
Republican, gave his Christian constituents a nasty surprise by vetoing a
bill that would have protected people of faith from having to
participate in same-sex weddings or other expressive activities. Let me
summarize in progressive-ese: “You vill bake zee cake or else.”

Knight has shown neither interest in, nor understanding of, the Establishment Clause. He seems possessed of the idea that a governor is in office to service a Christian constituency. Knight knows perfectly well that no one is ever required to participate in a same-sex wedding. As a Jew I am offended by the Third Reich imagery. Mr. Knight should know better. Presumably Mr. Knight is also wed to the belief that baking a cake is participation or, perhaps, some form of holy sacrament.

It is nonsense. It is just baking a fucking cake. The message on the cake is not the baker’s — it is the speech of the paying customer. Where or by whom the cake is consumed is really beyond the baker’s purview. Most importantly, there are no religious exemptions to valid nondiscrimination laws. The intent of the Georgia bill was to preempt nondiscrimination protections in Atlanta and other urban areas.

The poor Christians have also been victimized in Virginia:

In Virginia, Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe vetoed a bill that bars
the state from punishing religious groups that refuse to accommodate
same-sex ceremonies. It seems like only yesterday that the liberals
promised never to go after churches or to force pastors to do something
against their beliefs.

Apparently Mr. Knight also embraces the idea that everyone is stupid. The Virginia bill would have licensed some discrimination. No bill is required to protect pastors and churches. What was promised and what remains true in Virginia and throughout the United States is that no house of worship and no cleric is ever required to solemnize any marriage that does not conform to their religious beliefs.

Christian oppression is most noticeable in the backlash to North Carolina’s House Bill 2: 

Wackiest of all is the hysteria over North Carolina Republican Gov.
Pat McCrory’s signing of a bill that essentially says men and boys
should stay out of women’s restrooms and locker rooms. The law overrode a
Charlotte statute allowing entry based on self-identity, not biological

Mr. Knight is on a roll since he obviously believes that people are not paying attention. First of all the Charlotte law kept men and boys, as well as women and girls out of the facilities of the opposite sex. What it did was to address the needs of a tiny minority of our citizens who are transgender. He want to keep transgender men and women out of appropriate facilities. I will remind Mr. Knight that they are still citizens regardless of his disapproval born of religion inspired ignorance. They never seem to tell us where conservative Republican Caitlyn Jenner should pee.

Then there is the lie of omission. What Knight fails to address is the fact that, prior to the enactment of the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act,
the counties of Buncombe, Mecklenburg, and Orange as well as the cities
of Asheville and Charlotte, Boone, Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Greensboro,
and Raleigh prohibited discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation
and gender identity. The counties of Durham and Guilford along with the
cities of Bessemer, Durham, High Point and Winston-Salem prohibited
discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Those protections are all gone by an act of the state legislature signed into law by Governor McCrory. Mr. Knight finds the backlash to reversing nondiscrimination protections wacky? What part of Equal Protection does he not understand?

The ACLU sued, and the usual corporate lynch mob gathered, led by
Apple, PayPal and Bank of America. The National Basketball Association
threatened to pull its 2017 All-Star game in Charlotte, so deeply does
the NBA believe that men and women are interchangeable in every way
imaginable. Really? Then why aren’t there any females making dunk shots
for the Hornets? Just asking.

It is Mr. Knight who is not paying attention. Knight refuses to accept the simple proposition that discrimination is bad for business. And, again, people are not as stupid as Knight would like to believe. This has nothing whatsoever to do with gender interchangeability. Knight eventually concludes:

This crazy stuff is coming so thick and fast it makes your head spin.
peaking of that, exorcisms are becoming more common, according to
recent reports.

I guess we should change Knight’s obsession to white-heterosexual-Protestant supremacy and privilege since calling exorcisms crazy might be seen as anti-Catholic. Knight’s goal seem to be to piss off as much of America as he can. I would wager that a fair number of people find religious literalists to be batshit crazy.