Mark Regnerus, author of the

discredited Family Structures

Study which was paid for by

groups affiliated with NOM.

It should come as no surprise that households with same-sex parents show no differences from those with
different-sex parents with regard to spouse or partner relationships,
parent-child relationships, the general health of their children, emotional
difficulties, coping and learning behavior, according to a new report by
researchers affiliated with the Williams Institute at UCLA School of
Law, the University of Amsterdam and Columbia University.

This was from a carefully calibrated sample. The idea was to get the two groups to be as similar as possible:

Ninety-five same-sex parent households were matched to 95 different-sex parent households on eight demographic characteristics – parental age, education, U.S. birth status, and current geographic location, and the studied child’s age, gender, race/ethnicity, and U.S. birth status.

In other words, unlike Regnerus, apples were compared to apples. The full study report is here. The press release, here.