C-Fam, anti-gay hate group

Stefano Gennarini at Austin Ruse’s hate group – C-Fam – has announced the formation of yet another anti-gay coalition called Civil Society for the Family. Other members include Family Research Council (a Protestant operation), HazteOir, CitizenGo, Human Life International,
Derecho a Vivir, National Organization for Marriage, and the
TransAtlantic Christian Council.

You know who FRC and NOM are. FRC is a designated hate group; NOM should be. As for the rest:

  • HazteOir and Derecho a Vivir are Spanish “pro family” organizations headquartered in Madrid. 
  • CitizenGo, a small Catholic imitation of Change.org, is also headquartered in Madrid. Brian Brown is on the board of Citizen Go.  
  • Human Life International is an anti-choice Catholic ministry headquartered in Virginia. 
  • Trans-Atlantic Christian Council is a small operation headquartered in the Netherlands and Michigan. The U.S. operation is affiliated with the right wing Catholic group, Acton Institute. Sean Fieler, who was (and possibly is) the largest donor to National Organization for Marriage is on the board of Acton. Acton is headed by Father Robert Sirico whose vow of poverty included pulling down over 200 Gs in 2014.
  • According to the CSF’s website the hate group Americans for Truth About Homosexuality has joined as a member along with several other organizations.

Civil Society for the Family has published a manifesto bearing the C-Fam logo in the footer on the final page. Here are just some of the “good” parts:

ARTICLE 5. Relations
between individuals of the same sex and other social and legal
arrangements that are neither equivalent nor analogous to the family are not
entitled to the protections singularly reserved for the family in international law
and policy.

ARTICLE 7. The international community has repeatedly rejected attempts to redefine
the family in international law and policy. Any mention of the family in UN
resolutions and conference outcomes can only be interpreted in reference to
a man and a woman united in marriage, and relations that are equivalent or
analogous, including single parent families and multigenerational families.

ARTICLE 8. Acts and declarations by UN entities and mandate holders that treat relations
between individuals of the same sex as equivalent or analogous to the family,
including acts and declarations purporting the existence of international human
rights obligations on the basis of “sexual orientation and gender identity” are
ultra vires [beyond their legal authority] and cannot give rise to binding legal obligations on sovereign states.
Such acts and declarations are not based on valid interpretations of international
law and policy, and cannot contribute to the formation of new customary
international law.

The bottom line to all of this verbiage is an effort to impose the teachings of the Catholic Church on international law. These folks cannot cope with the tidal wave of social and scientific progress. In effect they are aligned with the Muslim world and much of Africa when it comes to the dignity of gay people and marriage equality. If they reallocated all of this negative energy they might actually do some good in the world.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.