The entire Christian establishment is obsessed with where 0.1% of our citizens can pee. It is as crazy as the nomination of Donald J. Trump (didn’t anyone bother with the electoral math?). For answering this question (where people should pee), Target Corporation has become a flash point. Our loss of sanity is consistent with the loss of perspective.

You would think that the conversation starter would be something like “what facility should Caitlyn use?” It is a non-starter – it becomes a logical fallacy – because conservative Christians deny the very existence of transgender citizens in a tortured effort to conform society to scripture. To them transgender women are guys wearing wigs, makeup and false tits. Little wonder that these folks cannot differentiate between transgender women and imagined perverts; men who dress as women in order to gain access to women’s bathrooms. Apparently these fantasy perverts have a naked ankle fetish.

Were this not sufficiently nutty laws have been passed that mirror conservative Christian inventiveness. They effectively deny the existence of individuals with gender dysphoria, deny them any accommodations and “protect” women and children from non-existent sexual deviants.

While they were at it the State if North Carolina nullified municipal non-discrimination ordinances with sexual orientation or sexual identity protections. It is belated Obergefell revenge.

Were all that not crazy enough, in pursuit of votes one of our political parties (oddly with the possible exception of Mr. Trump) endorses this insult to the establishment clause. Grownups in the Republican Party who know better are largely silent in order not to offend conservative Christians. Note to GOPers: Their constituents rejected Ted Cruz and his Christian Nation™ bullshit.

A civil society protects its most vulnerable citizens. Lost in all of this is what we-the-people have done to the already fragile egos of transgender kids. Who is more vulnerable than those children? Even if one dismisses science and is wed to the idea that these children need psychiatric help, what purpose is served by treating them with such meanness? I would like to grab one of these Christians by the neck and ask “suppose it was your kid?” What? You think that Christians are exempt from gender dysphoria? Would the remedy be a Ted Cruz Christian spanking?

We are never going to change conservative Christians. I have asked how many kids must die before they get it. They are never going to get it. Combined, Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research take in about $30,000,000 annually. Expecting people who insist that dinosaurs were domesticated by humans to have a 21st century understanding of sexuality makes us even wackier than they are. They make us stupid. They infiltrate our government and school boards solely for the purpose of inflicting their world view on the rest of us through public policy and education (or dis-education I suppose). They are far too successful.

I don’t care if people choose to worship a Zamboni covered in peanut butter. That is their right. Our obligation is to prevent them from making their savory ice resurfacer a sacred object for everyone else. We do that by pulling levers in November. I’ll spare you the rest of the voting rant lest I sound like an annoying Jewish mother.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.