Peter Sprigg is an ordained Baptist minister with an MA in theology. Unprotected sex is the primary cause of the transmission of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Condoms prevent the transmission of HIV. Sprigg, Family Research Council’s anti-LGBT hater in chief, is interviewed by the orthodox Catholic The subject is the prevalence of HIV among transgender women and a CDC report attributing some of that to stigma. What could possibly go wrong?

CDC seems to be avoiding the obvious when they declare, ‘Individual
behaviors alone do not account for the disparate HIV diagnoses among
transgender people,’” Family Research Council Senior Fellow Peter Sprigg
told LifeSiteNews. “Since HIV infection is a physical condition caused
by a virus, which is not transmitted through casual contact, ‘individual
behaviors’ are theonly thing that can account for these high rates of infection.”

The behavior that the CDC addresses is the use of condoms. The Catholics at LifeSite don’t approve of condoms, let alone gay sex which is the behavior that Sprigg is alluding to. Sprigg’s erudition when it comes to these things is limited to scripture. He has no training nor formal education in any of the social sciences.

Sprigg said that high HIV risk behaviors include “biological males
(regardless of self-willed ‘gender identity’) having sex with other
biological males (particularly anal intercourse), promiscuity,
prostitution (now euphemistically referred to as ‘sex work’), and the
use of needles to inject hormones or silicone.”

Sprigg does not have a doctorate. Sprigg is Sprigg. He has to inject the “self-willed ‘gender identity’” idiocy into the issue. Sprigg is one of the reasons that FRC is designated an anti-gay hate group. He fails to mention condoms.

Sprigg also said Christians who warn people about risky behavior do not
deserve blame when such behavior results in HIV infection. “It turns
logic on its head to suggest that those of us who urge people to avoid
these high-risk behaviors altogether are somehow responsible for the
consequences of those behaviors, because our position creates ‘stigma,’
‘discrimination,’ ‘social rejection,’ or ‘marginalization.’”

Except that the risky behavior that Christians warn against is sex itself rather than unprotected sex. The Christian solution is sufficient prayer to either not be gay or not be transgender. Since those are neither effective nor viable Christians do stigmatize LGBT people with shame.

“I do agree with the CDC that ‘[t]here is a need for effective
interventions that address the multiple co-occurring public health
problems in transgender persons,’” Dr. Sprigg told LifeSiteNews.  “Chief
among these problems, however, are the mental health issues that often
precede or accompany ‘gender dysphoria.’”

So now Sprigg is also a psychiatrist. He knows absolutely nothing about mental health issues. Moreover he incorrectly suggests that transgender people have psychiatric problems other than gender dysphoria.

these underlying issues would far more compassionate (and perhaps even
do more to reduce HIV rates in this population) than offering hormones,
surgery, or ‘transition’ to an objectively false ‘gender identity,’” he

Right. The Baptist minister has a cure. Give me a fucking break!

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.