Rachel Lu

Rachel Lu writes:

Here is my prediction. Within my lifetime, the LGBT movement will
die. It will be remembered not as a Selma moment, but as a Salem moment:
a period of collective insanity.

The reference to Salem is odd. Demons and witches are imaginary religious manifestations. Salem represents the imposition of religious belief on law at a time when mentally ill people were labeled witches and burned. But I digress.

According to Lu, a Catholic convert who lives in Minneapolis, the LGBT movement is a bad idea and bad ideas die out. She compares the LGBT movement to the “idiocy” of “low-fat diets or disco.” Apparently Lu is wed to the belief that being LGBT is a “lifestyle choice” (one of Lu’s lifestyle choices is malignant verbosity):

Whether the memory of this period evokes mild derision or deep shame will likely depend on these next few years. It’s still possible that the madness might recede and leave gays, lesbians, and religious conservatives all free to live peaceful and productive lives, knowing their fundamental rights will be respected even where their beliefs and lifestyle choices aren’t. Less optimistically, the early twenty-first century could be remembered as a time when any or all of those groups were harshly persecuted, potentially leaving deep scars in our social memory.

Just for good measure, Lu makes sure to include “gender ideology” which is the pope’s pet peeve (the poor dear):

Either way, the movement will die. How do we know? Predicting the demise of the LGBT movement may seem rash in the present moment, as North Carolina prepares to battle the U.S. Department of Justice and Washington issues edicts demanding submission from every public school in America. But gender ideology is too incoherent and too inimical to real human good. It cannot outlast the moral indignation of the present hour.


This regurgitation of religious doctrine goes on for a few thousand more words. Were Ms. Lu a critical thinker she might reflect on the fact that the LGBT movement exists, at least in part, because of people like her. Lu is simply repeating unprocessed verbiage from the Vatican. Embracing this religious drivel requires willing ignorance. No matter what some eunuch asserts to the contrary the truth is that LGBT people are perfectly normal.

The LGBT movement will exist for as long as necessary. In the United States that would be until LGBT citizens enjoy equal protection under law and freedom from discrimination throughout the country. If Lu wants the LGBT movement to die out then she should help to make it unnecessary.

The Vatican certainly does its part in keeping the LGBT movement alive. The teachings of the Church defy medical and social science in order to conform society to anonymously authored ancient chronicles of questionable provenance. The Church hierarchy insists that gay people are intrinsically disordered and that transgender people do not really exist. Were that not bad enough they endeavor to impose those teachings on public policy.

The Vatican has the arrogance to specifically instruct Catholic politicians on how they should vote and act with respect to social issues. The fact that those politicians would be violating their oaths to do the bidding of the bishops is acceptable as long as reproductive rights are stymied and LGBT people are kept in their place.

There is more to anti-LGBT bigotry in America than the superstitions of the Catholic Church. Evangelical Protestants, Hasidim and Mormons all have a hand in making LGBT people second-class citizens. The bad idea that must die out is the influence of religious conservatives on the Republican Party. Their influence is an extension of the pernicious Southern Strategy.

The bottom line is simple. When they stop, we stop.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.