Once again, controversial sociologist Mark Regnerus demonstrates that he is full of crap. As has been widely reported over the last three days, LGBT Americans have a health gap. In the cited article, three prominent experts attribute at least some of this to the additional stress that LGBT Americans are under. I also think that economics is a factor. LGBT Americans might be less likely to have insurance due to reduced employment opportunities.

LifeSiteNews.com is running with this story, not out of concern for LGBT people but to denigrate them. In their bizarre, grotesque orthodox Catholic minds, the solution to health disparities is simple: Don’t be LGBT. Problem solved. That is how they think. This also provides an opportunity for them to get some wisdom from their favorite sociologist, Mark Regnerus:

“This ‘pathway’ of explanation is a very common one, and to be sure
it does indeed matter,” Dr. Mark Regnerus, a sociology professor at the
University of Texas at Austin, told LifeSiteNews. “The odds that
‘stigma’ explains all of the variance in troubled outcomes, however, are

None of them said all of the variance. How about much of the variance due to stress caused by schmucks like Regnerus.

Regnerus explained that scientifically, a different study of the data
would have to be set up in order to determine whether external
discrimination or the homosexual lifestyle itself is what causes the
striking health problems in gays. “It’s difficult to know unless they
had and employed a measure of social stigma or lack of support in their

The “homosexual lifestyle itself.” Get it? Being gay is unhealthy per se. I concede that it is hard to separate Regnerus from the author of the piece who happens to be Fr. Mark Hodges. A priest and Regnerus create an awful combination of stupidity. So let’s ask another priest:

The study, titled “Invisible Victims: Delayed Onset Depression among Adults with Same-Sex Parents”
and led by Professor Paul Sullins, also found obesity more than twice
as prevalent in adult children of same-sex partners (72 percent vs. 31
percent). More children of same-sex partners reported physical and/or
emotional and/or sexual violence against them in greater numbers than
children of heterosexual parents.

That would be Father Paul Sullins at Catholic University and the scholarly journal is published in Cairo, Egypt. I wrote about this on Wednesday. It is a study that Regnerus likes in spite of numerous issues including the tiny sample:

Regnerus concluded that gay activists “cannot sustain the ‘No
Differences’ thesis (that children of same-sex partners experience no
greater ill effects growing up than children of heterosexual parents)
except by torturing (the data).  That is, by hiding the basic story
behind sets of control variables, or worse, concealing it within
privately held data that no one else can scrutinize.”

I know that I should self-censor but my reaction is simply to say bullshit! And by the way, the numerous studies of gay parenting were not conducted by gay activists.

This part was not in Wednesday’s piece. Regnerus thinks that he can get away with this because of the nature of LifeSiteNews:

“Well-intentioned concern for revealing negative information about a
stigmatized minority does not justify leaving children without support
in an environment that may be problematic or dangerous for their dignity
and security.”

“Children deserve a mother and a father whose love for them — and for
each other — is the source of their life and socialization,” Dr.
Regnerus said.

What an evil prick!

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.