Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Flournoy

Robert L. Flournoy (“Bob ”) operates Texas Forest Country Weddings out his bed and breakfast establishment in Lufkin. He is also an attorney, a 1967 graduate of University of Texas Law. Flournoy is not exactly the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

After turning away a gay couple, Flournoy decided that he was going to put a stop to the effrontery. How dare a gay couple  ask an upstanding Christian business owner to compromise his religious beliefs? So fuckwit takes out a front page advertisement in the local paper.

Our Christian faith demands that we not participate in same-sex,
transgender or any other perversion of marriage. If you
disagree with our stance on marriage, please respect our Christian
belief and have your wedding elsewhere.

There are no local laws that preclude Flournoy from turning away gay couples. One of these days … Note that he is asking for respect without reciprocity. He shows none in return. It is obvious that he thinks that LGBT American Citizens (and their families) are perverts and, at the same time he sends out a message of Christian supremacy. These folks seem to think that they are at the center of the universe. By renting out space he is participating in a same-sex wedding that he disapproves of. Moreover, he acts like he has been victimized by the gay couple he turned away. The guy is walking empathy vacuum.

Flournoy did not have to be a dick. All that he had to do was to post a sign that reads “Please respect our religious beliefs. We do not host same-sex weddings.” However, once again my theory is proved. Not serving gays is less important than demonstrating disapproval.

Lufkin is a city of 36 thousand people. There’s not much diversity. This City has identified 37 churches that have a website. By the way there is a synagogue in Lufkin; Congregation Beth Simcha Messianic Synagogue. In other words, there are no fewer than 38 churches in Lufkin.

In a blog post Flournoy writes:

This is a battle that we desperately need you to join. … Christian bakers, photographers, florist, musicians and venue owners are being destroyed all over the country by the ACLU. They want to stand for what they believe but the whole force of government is being unleashed on them.

If they, and I, are defeated then their next target is the pastor and the church itself. They intend to stop the teaching and preaching of the Word of God that does not align with their idea of a politically correct culture. Whole portions of God’s Word will be declared hate speech and outlawed. The tax exempt status of churches will be removed by the government. As we speak, the government is forcing some churches to accept the transgender agenda and provide accommodations for them.

Victims, victims, victims. So let’s see. We have the two bakers and that photographer in New Mexico plus the florist in Washington. Musicians? I think that there are two venue owners in the mix. This represents the totality of imbeciles who chose not to obey state and local nondiscrimination ordinances over the last ten years. That is quite a swath of destruction. Does this schmuck think, even for a moment, how those laws came into being through the elected representatives of the people. On that same page is a whole lot of flag waving but it’s really bible thumping. Contrary to our Constitution Flournoy wants only laws that recognize Christianity. And he is a lawyer. He is a blight on the legal profession.

The second paragraph is the exact same bullshit that they claim every time LGBT citizens realize a measure of equal protection. None of it ever happens and the big bad government hasn’t forced churches to do anything with respect to transgender citizens. He knows perfectly well that free exercise is guaranteed in the First Amendment as is free speech. The Establishment Clause doesn’t seem to register.

Some of this seems a bit cynical. On his About page:

Patronize all the Christian business owners who are willing to stand
for what we believe – without your patronage most cannot survive the
attack on our Christian faith;

There is plenty more where that came from. Personally, I have read enough.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.