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The rabidly anti-gay Bigoted Benham Brothers are claiming that the National Collegiate Athletic Association is “being used” by the dreaded Homosexual Agenda™. Apparently this is evidenced by the fact that the NCAA pulled seven marquee post-season games out of North Carolina. According to the Christian Post:

After the NCAA announced on Monday that
it pulled seven championship events scheduled for this year and next
from North Carolina over its opposition to the state’s bathroom law that
requires transgender individuals to use restrooms and changing areas
designated for their birth sex, residents Jason and David Benham spoke
with The Christian Post over the phone to give their response to that

One more time, HB2 affected far more citizens because it also preempted all of the municipal nondiscrimination protections for gay people, nullifying those that existed in most of urban North Carolina while prohibiting others from being enacted.

[The Benham Brothers] said the negative reaction the state has received to H.B. 2 from major national organizations and entertainers like the NCAA, NBA and Bruce Springsteen is all part of the far-left’s three-step process to overtake America with a “radical revolution.”

Do they speak simultaneously? The very idea that LGBT equality and equal protection is the very reason that these folks keep sinking deeper and deeper into the pit of despair. I am pretty sure that people claimed that freeing the slaves was part of a radical revolution as was giving women the right to vote and then the right to use contraceptives, and so on. It’s called progress and it leaves fools in its wake. I bet you are just dying to know what those “three steps” are.

“The NCAA is doing the sexual revolution’s bidding. They are being used by the sexual revolution, by those pushing the radical LGBTQ agenda to redefine and reshape what America looks like,” David told CP. “The radical revolution to overtake America follows a three-step plan — frame the issue, facilitate support, fracture dissent.”

Radical? Our community are ordinary citizens who just want to live their lives free of discrimination. Plan, delegate and organize (the three basic parts of management). So what? I can come up with 20 three-step processes that fit. Let’s keep it simple. Occam’s razor prevails. The NCAA is not going to reward a state that creates a climate of oppression for a swath of its citizens. It is a form of apartheid that is un-American. The state has virtually incentivized discrimination.

As the NCAA and other organizations continue to take action against North Carolina to protest the state’s law, David explained that it’s all part of the “facilitate support” phase of the sexual undertaking of America.

“The issue has already been framed. This is all about discrimination, even though in North Carolina there is not one case of discrimination against the LGBT community or transgenders at all, not one legal case,” David said. “This is a problem that never existed and it still doesn’t exist. But they created the conflict and now they have framed it as discrimination to say that a man who feels like a woman cannot use the women’s restroom.”

It is all part of the “delegate” phase. Do you get how profoundly idiotic this all is? Moreover, one cannot take legal action when state law isn’t broken. I could argue that the lack of litigation is the product of having nondiscrimination ordinances in the state’s largest cities. It might not be a problem for the Benhams but it is certainly a problem for the state’s LGBT community. Nobody should ever be denied housing, employment or service in public accommodations because of their sexuality — any more than they should be denied because they are Christians (which is a choice). These guys simply refuse to get it.

“So, they are now pushing the facilitated support network. The Human Rights Campaign isn’t the one leading this now,” he asserted. “They just let the NCAA, PayPal, Bruce Springsteen — they let their facilitated support network utilize their speaking points.”

I assume that is still David Benham they are quoting. What the fuck is he talking about? What does PayPal have to do with anything? It was sold to eBay and then spun off.

“I read NCAA’s speaking points this morning and I read their four reasons,” David said. “I guarantee you that is shaped by the Human Rights Campaign. This is craziness. Now, what they are going to do is fracture all dissent. Now, they are going to take guys like us and call you a bigot when you know that we would take a bullet for a transgender, or anybody for that matter, to protect them.”

So HRC is in the lead. Make up your fucking mind. “Take a bullet?” WTF? What’s crazy is to enact laws to support conservative Christianity. It is also unconstitutional — un-American. Craziness is an addiction to ancient chronicles and then calling all of the sane people who aren’t similarly dependent insane.

Jason added that part of the problem in North Carolina is the fact that it has a “silent majority” and most big churches and pastors are not standing up from the pulpits and voicing their support for the state’s law.

The brothers charged that the most influential churches in North Carolina have refused to defend the law, including pastors with the “biggest platforms” who will not speak about political issues.

“That is what we see, and David and I trying to encourage those pastors by saying, ‘Look, if the word transgender has not come past your lips in a Sunday service, you are not [doing your job] because that is the issue of the times,'” Jason said.

So this “silent majority” exists (a la Dick Nixon) because it is in their heads? Maybe those pastors see nothing to be gained by making further inflammatory statements. Maybe they have a relationship with the value of fairness. Maybe they don’t need these deranged crackpots telling them what to do and how to worship.

“However, there is a fear that you feel. The minute you say that, you are going be labeled something you are not. We know what the fear is like so we don’t condemn you but encourage you,” Jason continued. “The experience that you will have with God when standing on the side of truth when you are being persecuted, there is a peace that a pastor cannot experience unless he lets go of what it is he is holding onto.”

It is simply a miracle of arrogance that these two have all the answers. It’s a miracle!

“The issue is never the issue. The issue is a revolution,” David said in the video.

“What we are watching in America is a radical revolution, not only against traditional Christian or traditional moral values but a revolution of overthrowing the principles of our government.”

Huh? The issue is never the issue? WTF? The two idiots need to re-take high school civics. We are a secular society. A basic principle of our governance is not to recognize religion. The Establishment Clause means precisely what it says. These two have adopted their own language and it is called gibberish.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.