The anti-LGBT rhetoric of these hate groups like American Family Association is nauseating (causing me to sit on this for a few hours). More so because they ignore the facts. Tim Wildmon, idiot son of the inimical founder of AFA, Don Wildmon, sent out an email to supporters this morning.  The subject line reads: “The NCAA: Allow men in women’s restrooms, locker rooms…or else.”

The real problem in North Carolina is that its largest city, Charlotte, passed a transgender access law primarily aimed at children in public schools. The issue, properly framed, is to allow trans girls to use the girls’ restroom.

North Carolina then took the extraordinary step of preempting and nullifying all nondiscrimination laws protecting gay and transgender citizens throughout the state. That is the action that caused the NBA, NCAA and AAC to sanction the state by withdrawing marquee games.

Trans adults have been using appropriate public bathrooms for
decades and go largely unnoticed. The purpose of the ordinance was to
allow a few trans kids (there aren’t very many of them) access to
restrooms consistent with their gender identity. Where Jazz Jennings can
pee should not be controversial
. Nor should the use of correct pronouns. These children have it hard enough without the gratuitous
Christian bullshit. The kids don’t care. In fact they are advocates. It’s the moronic Christian parents who need to grow the hell up.

Apparently where Jazz can pee is an end-of-world event for the mullahs at AFA.

This past week the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) pulled all championship events out of North Carolina for the 2016-2017 season simply because that state passed a law, known as HB 2, which requires men and women to use the restroom or locker room corresponding to the gender on their birth certificate. In essence, the North Carolina legislature said men use the men’s room and ladies use the ladies room.

By doing this, North Carolina was simply protecting women and children from sexual predators and voyeurs.

Along with punishing North Carolina, the NCAA is forcing all potential championship host sites to fill out an “Anti-Discrimination Policy” questionnaire that assures men have access to female bathroom facilities. Question number six from the policy reads, “…does your institution have provisions that interfere with any person’s choice of bathroom or locker room?”

My version of events and effect is a tad more accurate. Transgender girls are neither predators nor voyeurs. Where is the evidence otherwise? I corrected the link to the NCAA questionnaire. It is a good read. The rest is an exercise in futility:

Take Action

Urge the NCAA to respect varying state laws and protect women and children by rescinding this dangerous policy and reinstating North Carolina with 2016-2017 championship games.

  1. Sign the petition to NCAA President Mark Emmert.
  2. Call the NCAA at 317-917-6222 (Press “0” for a live person).

Respect for discriminatory state laws? I think that this is about respect for people. Wildmon could learn a lesson from the NCAA. He won’t.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.