Welcome to North Carolina - Unless you are LGBT

Monday night the Charlotte city council refused to repeal its nondiscrimination ordinance. This was in response to Governor Pat McCrory’s claim that North Carolina could consider repealing HB2 if Charlotte repealed its law first. McCrory’s statement was little more than a taunt in search of political cover.

In point of fact Charlotte’s ordinance is unenforceable due to HB2’s preemption of local nondiscrimination laws. The very point of repealing HB2 is to permit local ordinances to be valid.

By now it should be clear to McCrory and North Carolina’s GOPers that HB2 is bad for business. More importantly, it is bad for citizens. Nondiscrimination laws exist in order to protect minorities and that should include sexual minorities. Or is something else at work here? If that is the case then North Carolina GOPers need to reacquaint themselves with the Establishment Clause.