Matt Moore

I almost feel sorry for Matt Moore. He writes: “I Wanted Pity for My Same-Sex Attraction, Then I Remembered What Jesus Told Peter.” The last time I wrote about Moore he broke up with a girlfriend. At the time I called him a pathetic fag. Not much has changed. Moore is an individual who relishes his own mediocrity.

According to Moore’s blog he is obsessed with Jesus and reading the Bible is his only hobby. He failed as a personal trainer so now he is a writer living in New Orleans. If Moore just lived his life he would be harmless. He is relatively honest except for the use of “same-sex attraction.” He’s a gay man and he describes it perfectly in a way.

I experience same-sex attraction and generally feel no physical or romantic-emotional attraction toward women. Since the day I began to follow Jesus (which was actually six years ago, today), I have anticipated that I would likely remain single until I die or Christ returns. God forbids me to be in a homosexual relationship, and I don’t desire to be in a heterosexual relationship. Therefore, singleness seems to be my only option if I want to be faithful to Jesus.

However, spurred on by both my own desires to avoid closed-mindedness and the well-meaning encouragement of other Christians, I have spent the last two years exploring the possibility of a heterosexual relationship. I have gone on numerous dates with beautiful, spunky, sweet women of God. And I have almost always enjoyed the interactions we’ve shared. The conversations have been intelligent and intriguing, and the company has been far from boring. But as I have journeyed onward in this exploration, I have become increasingly sure that God has called me to long-term singleness.

Though I have enjoyed the company and conversation of women, the romantic attraction generally has been missing…

So what’s the point? There are plenty of gay men who are devout Christians. It’s really morose and so unnecessary.

I do desire to fit into the mostly-married Christian culture in which I find myself. I do desire to stop feeling awkward in my singleness at holiday gatherings and other events. I do desire the smiles and affirmation I receive from other Christians when they see me pursuing the possibility of marriage. But I don’t desire to marry. And unless God decides to change a number of things in my soul (which I realize is possible), I don’t think that I ever will. I honestly prefer to remain as I am, and I know the Lord supports me in this preference.

Sadder still. Experience the Christian version of Jewish guilt:

As I seethed in sinful anger, I questioned
why God has allowed me to struggle and suffer in the ways that I do.
What’s so awfully special about me that I get to be afflicted with this
same-sex attraction crap and bear this socially abnormal cross? As I
thought about the seemingly easy life to which Jesus has called my
married Christian friend, my heart cried out, in the words of Peter, “Lord, what about this man?”

I have left out quite a bit as he is quite verbose but he ultimately concludes:

I’m tempted to go on a spiel about how we shouldn’t judge by appearances or assume that other believers aren’t suffering to the same degree that we are. Part of me wants to make this lengthy blog even longer by writing about the spiritual benefits of suffering. But Jesus didn’t go to such lengths with Peter. He simply shut down Peter’s question and said, “You follow me!” So that’s the note on which I’m going to end this article.

I cannot help but conclude that Moore would be a much happier gay man if he put religion in perspective. He explains away the lack of logic with the concept of “the spiritual benefits of suffering.” In that case his “same-sex attraction” is a gift from God since it causes him to suffer. This makes no sense whatsoever. I am on life’s back nine and I can state that we never have enough time. Moore is wasting time because of a slavish devotion to ancient chronicles. It’s a shame really.

I will never comprehend why Moore is trying to convince other gay people that they should suffer for Jesus. That makes him toxic. Parents read this stuff and then inflict this bullshit upon their gay children. It is a willing embrace of intellectual mediocrity.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.