Hiram Sasser (of First Liberty) represents the Kleins, owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa. Today he updates their status. I’ll get to that in a moment. Sasser is a graduate of Oklahoma City University Law which is ranked 144 by US News & World Report. There is no 145. At that point the listings are unranked. Apparently Sasser is no longer working for Ken Paxton.

I clicked on that “See All Cases” link. The list goes back to 2004. Rather than 125 cases I count 63. Of the 63, 45 claim to be wins. That is not 90%. That is 71%. Moreover, many of these are undisclosed settlements. In at least one case they claim a win on a controversy that was never a controversy. So the 71% is at risk. Also, none of the cases are marked as losses. They are either wins or active and many of the active are losses being appealed. It is called selective observation.

Getting back to the Kleins, according to Catholic News Agency the Kleins have finally put an end to their business which they were running out of their home:

Hiram Sasser, deputy chief counsel for the First Liberty Institute,
the legal group representing the couple, said they closed the bakery
“months ago” but they still received inquiries about possible orders.

“Aaron and Melissa simply wanted to update their Facebook page to
eliminate any confusion,” Sasser said. “We believe in tolerance and
respect for the variety of beliefs we have in our society and are
hopeful we can restore freedom of tolerance and belief in this case.”

Oh bullshit. Neither the Kleins nor their lawyer are interested in anything other than Christian privilege and Christian supremacy. They are of the belief that their religion somehow exempts them from having to comply with nondiscrimination ordinances.

The CNA piece continues:

“We lost our business,” Melissa Klein said in a February 2016 video produced by First Liberty Institute. “You work so hard to build something up, and something you’ve poured your heart into and was your passion, to lose that has been devastating for me.”

“We served these two women in the past, we had a great time,” Klein said. “When I do a cake, I feel a part of what these people are celebrating. For me to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding would fully go against what I believe.”

Getting back to arithmetic, the Kleins raised over $500,000 and used $135,000 to pay what was ordered by the court. The remaining $365,000 is probably more than that business netted over five years. This case is marked as active because it is on appeal. Sure looks like a loss to me. No lawyer has ever won a similar case. ADF has lawyers who didn’t go to third of fourth-tier law schools.

Eventually these nitwits (collectively) will stop trying to excuse their intolerance by citing their prior service. If you discriminate against a same-sex wedding you discriminate against gay people. Nothing is going to change that. If that’s a problem I am sure that there is room for another Christian baker in North Carolina.

They  would all like you to believe that the state is responsible for the loss of their business. The reality is that their bigotry cost them their customer base. They have only themselves to blame. Their arrogance got the better of them. These people think that they are at the center of the universe, particularly when they want to demonstrate their disapproval of gay people, all neatly cloaked in scripture. Their own sense of self-importance doomed them to failure.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.