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Christian Family Coalition is not on SPLC’s radar. Nevertheless, they are clearly an anti-LGBT hate group. Leader Anthony Verdugo is also batshit crazy. I once described Verdugo as a tormented dog chasing its tail.

Anthony Verdugo
Anthony Verdugo apparently munching on a mic

Wednesday I received this:

On November 4th, 2016 Christian Family Coalition (CFC) Florida hosted the 2016 Presidential Gala Dinner.

This 2016 Gala was different from any other because we had a special live-in call from VP-elect Mike Pence. Pence shared his gratitude to the Christian Family Coalition (CFC) Florida for their 13 years of pro-life, pro-family, religious liberty work in the state of Florida.

Pence shared the pro-life and religious liberty legislation that will be passed during Trump’s Presidency.

This is comparable to Pence calling AFTAH. CFC is not even a non-profit corporation. You can watch part of the call-in here. There is no direct threat to the LGBT community. You can draw your own conclusions about what strict construction a la Scalia means. I think we all know that Mike Pence’s “religious liberty” means the liberty to discriminate against LGBT citizens. The direct threat is to Roe v. Wade which Pence hopes will be overturned. Pence promises an end to late-term abortions.

Equality Florida, headed by the extraordinarily capable Nadine Smith, has done a remarkable job of keep this guy and John Stemberger in check. They have done so in spite of the fact that we have a GOPer governor and they control both legislative chambers.

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By David Cary Hart

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