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Monday, Denise Shick claims (at The Federalist) that; “We Should Have Seen The Transgender Craze Coming.” I did not know that gender dysphoria is a “craze.” Denise Shick is irrelevant but the theme of bigotry needs to be addressed.

Denise who? Sometimes it is hard to keep track of the crazies. Shick promotes herself as an expert on human sexuality because her father is transgender. This expertise is enhanced by a BA from an unidentified college (after attending an unidentified junior college). Shick is a sometimes affiliate of Oscar Robert Lopez and currently runs Help 4 Families Ministry out of Ashland Kentucky. Help 4 Families (2015 IRS ruling) is small enough (under $50,000) to file its non-profit tax return by postcard. It operates out of a mailbox at a UPS store and is not registered (as required) in Kentucky. Shick’s father’s gender dysphoria is all about Denise Shick — of course. And by the way, the fact that her father is trans somehow became a reason to oppose same-sex marriage. In 2015 she wrote (Witherspoon Institute’s blog):

When I was nine years old, my father told me he wanted to become a woman. I know I speak for others who have undergone similarly tragic childhoods when I say that I pray the Supreme Court will seriously consider the six amicus briefs submitted by the children of LGBT parents.

Which brings me back to the craze she describes at The Federalist.

Terrified parents are beside themselves as they try to understand why
their beautiful young daughter has suddenly declared she’s really a boy,
or why their once-masculine son has not only started wearing dresses
and makeup, but also wants them to buy him bras. Parents of young female
athletes are waking up to find biological men trouncing the females and
snatching their trophies and scholarships.

Victims, victims, victims. Oh what shall we do? Gender dysphoria is a relatively rare condition. Nevertheless it is important to understand that — according to research — transgender children are neither confused nor pretending. “Transgender youth are statistically indistinguishable from
cisgender children of the same gender identity.”

Step one for parents is to recognize that this is not about them. This is about their kid and what is in his or her best interests. Their child’s condition might be transitory or it may follow them into adulthood. Thus, step two for parents is to seek out an experienced, qualified therapist. That means someone who probably has a PhD in psychology or is a board certified psychiatrist. It also means someone who primarily treats gender non-conforming children without a religious agenda. It is most certainly not a pastor or priest and sure as hell not a know-nothing like Shick.

All this otherworldly transgender stuff seems sudden, but it isn’t.
For the few of us who were paying attention, it wasn’t that hard to see
it coming. I don’t condemn those who didn’t pay attention. Modern life
can become busy, filled with distractions that appear to be far more
important than monitoring cultural trends that seem to be way out on the

Otherworldly? That is the belief that trans people are weird. Different is strange and scary. Aside from the fact that transgender people are quite normal, gender dysphoria is neither cultural nor a trend. It is a condition (in contrast to a disorder) that affects a small percentage of people. While I haven’t done the necessary research I suspect that the percentage is the same today as it was 30 years ago.  What has changed is that our society, being more insightful than 30 years ago, is concerned with treating transgender people fairly and as individuals. Caitlyn Jenner raises our consciousness but she does not depict a trend.

Another thing that has changed is research demonstrating that the earlier in life people transition, the more successful in life they will be. Trans children are allowed to be whoever they are. Therapies, like puberty blockers, are reversible unless and until the child is determined to be transgender to a reasonable certainty. Only then are hormones administered with great caution. Children are never candidates for gender affirming surgery.

Our crackpot with her (supposed) BA presumes to know better:

But transgenderism is no longer on the cultural fringe. Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner proved that. If it can happen to a cultural icon—a macho Olympic gold-medal winner—then it must not be quite as strange as we thought. Even so, many were shocked by Jenner’s transition. But most still found it easy and comfortable to shrug off the growing phenomenon, because it hadn’t touched anyone close to them.

Something else was happening, though. Jenner’s transition seems to have given implicit permission for society not only to embrace transgenderism, but also to actively promote it. In response, adolescents—already inherently plagued by hormonal confusion and now encouraged by progressives—are increasingly jumping onto the transgender shuttle pod. So parents are finally starting to spot the metaphorical mother ship. It’s in their homes, and it has implanted alien DNA in their children’s bloodstream.

They used to say the same crap about gay people promoting homosexuality and recruiting children. Some still do spout that junk. In spite of societal advances, trans people are still the object of rabid ridicule (as proved by Ms. Shick’s shtick). The idea that a psychiatric condition can be promoted is as ridiculous as it sounds.

Keep in mind that most relatives of transgender people are probably advocates. Shick is not. It doesn’t require Sigmund Freud to posit that Shick conveniently assigns blame to her father for all of her failings (and she apparently has many).

According to Shick, this all stems from the sexual revolution and the pill:

In the 1950s, prior to the introduction of contraceptive pills, 60
percent of women were still virgins on their wedding day. By the late
’70s, that figure had dropped to 20 percent. In a matter of a few
decades, premarital and extramarital sexual activity went from
relatively rare to commonplace.

Yes, yes. More fucking means that we are going to hell in a handbag. But it is not just trans people that Shick has a problem with:

But extramarital heterosexual sex wasn’t enough for the newly
liberated. So the push for homosexual normalization began. Prior to the
late ’60s, those who engaged in homosexual activity understood they were
on the fringe, recognizing that the vast majority of Americans wouldn’t
accept their activities. So they kept their behaviors quiet and hidden.

Apparently Shick believes that the number of gay people is relative to acceptance. In point of fact, the same percentage of people were gay in the 1960s (and the 1860s) as are gay today. Repression only locked people in the closet and created dysfunctional marriages. What those five or six noisy and irritating children of gays who opposed same-sex marriage never realized is that they are products of those dysfunctional marriages which ended in divorce. They never comprehended that fewer of those marriages exist with acceptance of gay people and marriage equality. The absurdity (perhaps irony) of their position just never dawns on them.

Then, following the Stonewall rebellion in 1969, homosexuals began to
“come out of the closet,” and increasingly pushed for the normalization
of their way of life. By 2000, only those viewed as religious zealots
held out against the push for legitimization of homosexual practices and
homosexual marriage. With that battle won, the sexual libertines moved
on to conquer the next sexual frontier: transgenderism.

Ah, yes. The Homosexual Agenda© in concert with The Homosexual Lifestyle™. The exquisite simplicity of assigning things that one does not like to a political movement. Shick recites this nonsense as a history lecture stating religious ideology as fact. She needs to do this for tenuous relevance. One can oppose a political movement. Exactly how does one oppose a variant of human sexuality? Doing so is comparable to the medieval Christian European notion that women with red hair were witches. Yet, in the final analysis, that is what Shick, and others who are similarly disposed, presume to do. The simplicity is really defined by the unsupported belief that their god created only heterosexual-cisgender men and women. In other words the underpinning for all of this commotion is superstition. And she continues:

Aiming to temper the average American’s dismay, physician Harry
Benjamin published “The Transsexual Phenomenon” in 1966. Eleven years
later, the New York Supreme Court ruled that Renée Richards, a
transgender woman who played professional tennis, was eligible to play
at the 1977 United States Open as a woman. The normalization of another
long-held taboo was by then well underway. By 2002, the Transgender Law
Center opened its first office in San Francisco, and there was no
turning back.

Benjamin’s aim was to make people a bit less ignorant. 50 years later it is glaringly obvious that some people prefer Bronze Age chronicles to current science. And that would be Dr. Renée Richards who is a brilliant ophthalmologist with an impeccable reputation who just happens to be transgender. The fully transitioned Dr. Richards was the surgical director of ophthalmology and head of the eye-muscle clinic at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Shick’s entire opus is based upon the utterly nonsensical proposition that acceptance of sexual diversity translates to more people who are gay and transgender. These folks are not exactly deep — let alone critical — thinkers.

After citing the Richard Corradi piece (disavowed by the university he is associated with) and indulging in some gibberish, Shick comes to a remarkable conclusion:

What Can I Do About It?

You’ve already taken the first step by becoming aware of the issue. If you are a parent of young children, the next step is to build a firm foundation in them. Help them to know who they are. Provide the kind of loving-but-disciplined family atmosphere that gives them a sense of security. Also, as harsh and archaic as it might sound, shield them from the progressive influences that lead to uncertainties.

You can lock up kids in a closet, home school them, censor their reading, limit their friends and forbid television. Nevertheless, the same percentage of those kids will be LGBT as all the other kids. Ms. Shick doesn’t get it. It is obvious that she will never get it.

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By David Cary Hart

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