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Richard Land, pompous prick that he is, promises that Donald Trump is going to make everything better for Christians. Land, who is president of the Southern Evangelical Seminary in North Carolina, is on Donald Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board. According to American Family Association’s phony “news” blog: “Citing contacts with Trump’s transition team, Land tells OneNewsNow the incoming administration will push back against the ongoing assault on people of faith.” That assumes, of course, that there actually is an assault on people of faith.

Apparently, whenever conservative Christians are thwarted from asserting rights that just aren’t part of the First Amendment’s Free Exercise clause they are being assaulted. Indeed, whenever one posits that the Establishment Clause means precisely what it says, that constitutes an assault as well. In fact, any interference with the Christians’ perceived right to discriminate against people they disapprove of is some form of virtual battery. I suspect that only a theocracy would make these superstitious fools happy. Our framers had something else in mind.

“I’ve heard from the transition team,” says Land, “that they want to do a replacement for Scalia pretty quickly, and they’re working on it, and that conservatives will be pleased.”

At present 60 votes are required to confirm one of Trump’s nominees. Republicans only hold 52 seats and there is no guarantee that all of the GOPers will approve of a Trump (possibly Pence, in reality) selection. Moreover a true conservative respects things like stare decisis. Also, even with Scalia among the living, the Court could not find four justices who wanted to hear Elane Photography v. Willock, a case requesting a religious exemption to a New Mexico nondiscrimination ordinance.

One recent ruling from the high court is the landmark Obergefell decision last year, which struck down state marriage laws by discovering the right of same-sex marriage in the U.S. Constitution.

Homosexual activists predictably declared last year that “anti-gay Christians” deserved to be “ostracized” after the court decision.

The Court did not exactly pull Obergefell out of someone’s ass. The majority reasoned that marriage equality was required for gay people to enjoy both equal protection and due process. I would argue that state bans on same-sex marriage that used to exist posed an insult to the Establishment Clause. I have yet to entertain a rational secular argument in opposition to same-sex marriage.

That link is to a piece by Sally Kohn in the Daily Beast. Land’s take is not really what Kohn was saying but you can read the piece for yourself.

After fining bakers, suing florists, and threatening to burn down pizza joints, those same homosexual activists have targeted public school locker rooms, churches, and a research university, among other targets.

Those bakers and that florist broke nondiscrimination laws which also meant precisely what they said. You cannot discriminate against gay people in public accommodations in some locales. If you open a business you are obliged to follow the law. “Targeted?” Accommodating a tiny minority of people who are transgender should not cause such a fuss. Turmoil exists because, according to superstition, their god only created heterosexual-cisgender people.

That “research university” is Johns Hopkins. The LGBT community asked the university to distance itself from a retired faculty member who was using his connection to the university to advance a hateful religious agenda at the expense of LGBT people. The university was happy to comply and took a number of steps including the resumption of providing gender affirming surgery.

Meanwhile Christian crazies have really targeted Target simply for providing accommodations to transgender people. Those insanely superstitious nuts are just outraged.

According to Land, however, that ever-growing list of victims will have an ally in the White House.

Eventually it might dawn on Mr. Land that he was a useful idiot. Donald Trump cannot alter state and municipal nondiscrimination laws and Obergefell is here to stay. Each passing day of its existence further calls into question what the objection to same-sex marriage is. Where are those consequences that all the zealots promised? When Trump fails to deliver, Land will blame who he blames for just about everything ⸺ LGBT citizens and taxpayers.

I know that we are supposed to politely accept second-class citizenship status because Land disapproves of us. By now you would think that he might have learned that things just don’t work that way. He has not, and never will.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.