Mob with pitchforks and torches

The tines of pitchforks are being sharpened, torches lit and villagers assembled. Call me a cynic but I gather that making victims out of Chip and Joanna Gaines must make the cash registers go ka-CHING!

Yesterday I wrote about the HGTV stars, the Gainses. One obscure writer at BuzzFeed questioned whether they were hateful due to the fact that they attend a hateful church. Their pastor is an ignorant schmuck but there is no evidence that the Gainses have been bigoted or discriminatory towards LGBT people. At the Washington Post Brandon Ambrosino reached a similar conclusion (although he always seems to be apologizing for the fact that he is gay). Brandon, by the way, is getting married. Mazel tov! One would be hard-pressed to find anyone in the gay community cheering on that writer at BuzzFeed.

Hate group leader Tony Perkins, never one to miss an opportunity to cash in, sent out at least two emails yesterday: “No Pain, No Gaines” and “Stand with ‘Fixer-Upper’ pastor.” In the first of these is this:

HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” stars Chip and Joanna Gaines are under attack by media outlets because of one astonishing fact: their pastor preaches the Bible . The Texas couple has for the last few years charmed their way into America’s hearts with their talent, their genuine relationship, and their outspoken Christian faith.

Far-Left extremists have “uncovered” a sermon the Gaines’ pastor, Jimmy Seibert, preached about marriage and sexuality. “If someone were to say, ‘Marriage is defined in a different way,’ let me just say: They are wrong,” Seibert said. “God defined marriage, not you and I. God defined masculine and feminine, male and female, not you and I.”

As usual for Perkins, there’s a lie or two in there. It is one of the reasons that his Family Research Council is designated as a hate group by SPLC. The Gaineses are not “under attack.” There is no evidence to support that charge. The problem with their moronic pastor is not really the fact that he thinks that same-sex marriage is bad. Rather, it is the fact that the ignorant putz claims that homosexuality is caused by abuse and can be cured through conversion therapy. Then, again, so does Tony Perkins. Two like-minded imbeciles.

American Family Association (another hate group) had a slightly different version. According to an email from hate group leader Tim Wildmon:

Believe it or not, the liberal media and militant homosexuals are now attacking HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines simply because they attend a church that preaches the Gospel.

In a recent article by Todd Starnes, the Fixer Upper couple has come under fire because their pastor holds firm to the word of God in teaching that marriage is only between one man and one woman.

That ruffled the feathers of Cosmopolitan magazine, Buzzfeed News and US Weekly.

Adding to the Christian “witch hunt,” the LGBT community is up in arms because the Gaines’ church also preaches that homosexuality is a sin.

In an act of sheer intolerance, the gay community is now urging the HGTV network to drop the Gaines and their mega-hit show, Fixer Upper.

According to AFA, every gay person is a militant homosexual. Where is the ev-i-dence that the community is up in arms, legs or toned abs over any of this? Who exactly is banging on the doors of HGTV to do anything? It takes balls, under any circumstances, for a hate group leader to accuse the gay community of “intolerance.” I suppose that it is nearly impossible to underestimate the collective intelligence of AFA’s audience for this crap. For the record, Cosmopolitan and US Weekly repeated (and linked to) the BuzzFeed piece.

And that brings me to Todd Starnes — the Fox News culture warrior:

One of my guilty pleasures in life is to watch Fixer Upper marathons on HGTV.

Hosts Chip and Joanna Gaines have not only made Waco, Texas a tourist destination, but they’ve also educated us about the many uses of shiplap.

If you aren’t a fan of the show, you might want to Google that.

I also appreciate that Chip and Joanna are devout Christians. Viewers can see how their faith flavors not only their television program – but also their family life.

But not everyone appreciates those Christian beliefs – especially the militant LGBT crowd.

And now, they are on the warpath.

The Mainstream Media and militant LGBT activists are unleashing their fury over reports the Gaines family attends Antioch Community Church, a non-denominational megachurch.

“Chip and Joanna Gaines’s Pastor Preaches ‘Homosexuality is a Sin’” – blared a headline on Cosmopolitan.

“Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Church is Firmly Against Same-Sex Marriage,” screamed a Buzzfeed headline. “Their pastor considers homosexuality to be a ‘sin’ caused by abuse – whether the Fixer Upper couple agrees is unclear.”

What the shiplap, America?!”

“Their pastor, Jimmy Seibert, is both staunchly against same-sex marriage and a strong believer that homosexuality is a ‘lifestyle’ choice and a ‘sin’,” Cosmo reported.

This bit of news was more than their feeble journalistic minds could handle.

“Given the diversity of Fixer Upper’s audience, this is a startling revelation that has left many wondering where Chip and Jo stand,” Cosmo reported.

Buzzfeed went so far as to investigate Pastor Seibert’s sermons – demonstrating that what is preached from the pulpit at Antioch Community Church is the same kind of message being preached in nearly every evangelical church in America.

Doesn’t this ignoramus have an editor? Each sentence is not a paragraph. We learn that in junior high I think. Even for Fox this is annoying. Starnes is annoying.

There are other outlets for this nonsense but you get the idea. The bottom line to all of this is that these Christians are seemingly desperate for victims at the hands of gay people. In a pinch I suppose that Planned Parenthood will do. It is a form of further denigration. It is an extension of their bitter hatred of gays coupled with the absolute certainty that sexual orientation is a chosen lifestyle. They offer no evidence for what is a religious conviction in contrast to the enormous volume of published and peer reviewed scientific literature that says otherwise. They learned nothing from the demise of Exodus International. A handful of people who claim to have prayed away the gay (all of whom have an economic interest in claiming to be ex-gay) is sufficient. Daiyenu.

They want to shift the blame to gay people for starting what they call the culture war. However, the superstition works both ways. If they are so certain that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice then they should be content for adherents not to make that choice. Yeah, I know — They do not want their kids to think that it is okay to be gay. Sure.

In the end, if we pay close attention, the BuzzFeed article has served a purpose. It ultimately identifies who the pimps of persecution are.

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