Tony Perkins

Perhaps they have re-purposed those FEMA concentration camps.

Hate group leader Tony Perkins is terribly distraught. According to the head of Family Research Council:

If liberal activists get their way, Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski won’t be behind a counter — they’ll be behind bars. That’s the stunning scenario facing the business owners in Arizona, where a Phoenix ordinance is telling the stationery company to write off their beliefs — or else.

What impresses me about Perkins is just how dumb and incurious he believes his supporters are. What must that cynicism feel like? Perkins makes a living by conjuring up ways to con gullible people out of their money for the promotion of hate.

Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski don’t seem to have a counter to be behind. They own a timy home-based business (Brush & Nib) that produces invitations. No gay couple has ever asked Duka and Koski to sell them invitations for their wedding. But just in case one does, Duka and Koski want permission, in advance, to decline the order because of their religious beliefs and regardless of Phoenix’s nondiscrimination ordinance.

Duka and Koski don’t have much influence on anyone else. However, the ability to decline service to a same-sex wedding allows them to pass judgment on the otherwise happy couple. The two women are in a position to withhold their approval and, in their little minds, their approval is of vital importance to the gay couple begging for their consent. Duka and Koski draw sustenance from their self-inflated egos. In their tiny bubble they are probably unable to appreciate the fact that most reasonable people conclude that the pair are vane and stupid as they apply immoral judgment from what they mistakenly perceive is a moral high ground.

No one is ever headed to the hoosegow in this matter. Yet Perkins really expects people to believe that Ms. Duka and Ms. Koski are in just that kind of legal peril. It seems that no story in conservative Christendom has more traction than those pertaining to martyrs for the faith. Just make sure that you pay for the pleasure by sending Perkins some (tax deductible) money.

Getting back to the doltish Perkins:

Now their shared bond — not for art, but Christ — could land the pair in prison for turning down an order to create invitations for a same-sex wedding. Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Jonathan Scruggs, who’s representing the duo, has made it clear: “The pair willingly serve and will create art for anyone, but they cannot create art promoting certain messages and ideas. For example, Brush & Nib doesn’t create art that demeans others, promotes racism or objectifies the female body. They also do not create art that violates their Christian beliefs about marriage.”

Oh the poor dears. Off to the clink they go while in the background we hear a basso profundo singing “ swing low, sweet chariot, comin’ for to carry me home. .”  Balls and chains rhythmically singing in sync.

After all, they merely require a special nondiscrimination ordinance because they are so special. Their version of the law would allow them to refuse service to gay people because of their religious beliefs. What is the harm in that? I wonder how the city council might process such a request. Sometimes I wish that there existed a gay owned business that wanted a pass on serving Christians. Then you would really see the turds hit the turbines.

One more paragraph from darling Tony (before I require a barf bag):

That doesn’t seem to matter to the city, which is determined to use the long arm of the government to punish 53 percent of the population who believes in natural marriage. In an interesting twist, the Phoenix ordinance also bars the owners of Brush & Nib from “informing customers and the public why they can only create art consistent with their Christian beliefs about marriage.” A year after the world watched in astonishment as Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis was imprisoned for her beliefs on marriage, the city of Phoenix seems determined to give Joanna and Breanna a similar choice: “go to jail, forsake their beliefs, or shut down their business.”

That 53% BS is the result of some poll that FRC commissioned from some Christian polling company. Rest assured that (although irrelevant) about two-thirds of our citizenry support same-sex marriage. In case you are wondering, the Phoenix ordinance (like most similar laws) bars de facto discrimination. You cannot imply in signage or advertising that a protected class will not be served equally. Oh, and Kim Davis? They locked up her fat ass for a few days because she defied the lawful order of a federal judge. It was absurd to think that whoever was the elected county clerk could decide to frustrate the constitutional rights of gay citizens and taxpayers. Talk about an inflated sense of self-importance …

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