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Hate group leader, Tim Wildmon, has a new target for his invective on behalf of American Family Association. The inclusion of gay people in Highlights Magazine for children has Wildmon apoplectic. In an email to supporters titled: “Popular Kids Magazine has Caved to the LGBTQ.”

Highlights, the nationally recognized magazine for kids, has decided to include same-sex families in their magazines. Babies and preschoolers will soon be introduced to homosexuality in the Highlights line of magazines. Sadly, children’s publications are no longer off limits, even those designed specifically for toddlers and elementary age children.

Same old nonsense although I did not know that babies read magazines. Does Wildmon believe that homosexuality is contagious? Perhaps an acquired taste?

Highlights had stated previously that they believe parents should decide when to bring up the topic of homosexuality. But after backlash from the LGBT community, Highlights committed to including same-sex families in future publications.

What makes American Family Association a hate group is the promotion of the idea that gay people pose a threat to children. The simple fact is that kids go to school with kids whose parents are gay couples. Children being raised by same-sex parents should not be ridiculed or ostracized. Excluding these children and their parents from a magazine is untruthful. Their exclusion represents a selective distortion of reality. We do not require Tim Wildmon’s approval to marry and to raise children. Nor do we need Wildmon’s approval simply to exist.

Highlights’ Christine Cully said, “When we do show families in the magazines, we make it a point to include diversity. We strive to be diverse in every way…In the future, we will depict same-sex families in our magazines in a manner consistent to the way all diverse families are depicted.”

That makes perfect sense to me. So what is the problem?

Many parents and grandparents buy subscriptions to these magazines as gifts, especially at this time of year. They should be warned of the upcoming change of content in these kid’s magazines. It is not Highlights’ job to introduce so-called “social issues” to children. That is a parent’s role.

I am sure that Timmy would be just fine with a social issue that involved the supremacy of Christianity. The gay — well that’s another story entirely. Ultimately what Wildmon is saying is that children are injured when they are exposed to the very existence of gay people. The have a petition which is basically a boycott threat. It reads:

To Highlights for Children CEO Kent Johnson:

I am highly offended by Highlights’ disrespect for the millions of parents whose children will be exposed to same-sex families in upcoming issues of your magazine. In attempting to be politically correct, you are offending a huge majority of your customers.

This is a mature topic and is completely unnecessary to feature in a child’s magazine. Please discontinue any plans to include same-sex families in your future publications.

It is not a magazine’s job to introduce so called “social issues” such as this to our children. That is a parent’s role.

Highlights will not have my family’s business unless this decision is reversed.

“Offended” are they? Presumably these are people who are offended by gay people and that is just too damned bad.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.