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Alliance Defending Freedom apparently realized that they were in trouble in a Massachusetts case (see voluntary dismissal below). On behalf of some Christian groups ADF was suing the Commonwealth. At issue was the state’s nondiscrimination law protecting gender identity which prohibits discrimination in public accommodations.

What got them worked up was this statement on the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MACD) webiste:

Even a church could be seen as a place of public accommodation if it holds a secular
event, such as a spaghetti supper, that is open to the public.

God forbid a transgender person attended the spaghetti supper and had to pee in a church bathroom. Surely, the Earth would spin off its axis. It is the ubiquitous determined effort to prevent trans folks from taking a piss in peace. It is an amazing waste of time and resources. Anyway MACD changed its guidance to:

The law does not apply to a religious organization if subjecting the organization to
the law would violate the organization’s First Amendment rights. See Donaldson
v. Farrakhan, 436 Mass. 94 (2002). However, a religious organization may be
subject to the Commonwealth’s public accommodations law if it engages in or its
facilities are used for a “public, secular function.” Id.

In the end, that says pretty much the same thing. Nevertheless, ADF can claim to have influenced the change and proclaim victory in a nuisance suit.

Horizon Christian Fellowship v. Williams by David Hart on Scribd

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