Brian S. Brown

Hate group leader Brian S. Brown is in South Africa in an effort to marginalize gays and their marriages. The vehicle for denigration is the Capetown Declaration which has remarkable similarities to the catechism of the Catholic Church and Robert George’s much longer Manhattan Declaration. According to Brian Brown, on behalf of National Organization for Marriage:

I’m writing today from Cape Town, South Africa where we convened a large coalition of allies across the globe to stand for the truth of marriage by launching the Cape Town Declaration which affirms the truth about marriage and to promote and defend the sanctity of society’s most fundamental and essential unit, the marriage-based family.

Please sign the Cape Town Declaration today pledging your own support for marriage and the family.

The Declaration was launched on the International Day of Human Rights, from the cradle of civilization, Africa. The Declaration is the first initiative of the newly formed International Organization for the Family, which will aid its efforts in continue building a global coalition around the defense of the family.

Things are getting confusing. Brown is acting on behalf of International Organization for the Family which is really the Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society. Yet he is writing on behalf of NOM.

As for the declaration, it is provided by OPUS-UPS Universal Petition Service which is part of the Catholic social media PR manager Opus Fidelis. Little wonder why many of the initial signers of this thing are the usual suspects: Ryan T. Anderson, Robert P. George, Alan Carlson and so on. As for the “declaration” itself, apparently our betrothed are in “wounded marriages” (because the Church and conservative Christians do not approve of gay people):

Healthy marriages thus make demands of couples; but wounded ones make greater demands of whole societies. A thriving culture will therefore serve marriage—and all society—by promoting purity outside it and fidelity within; by discouraging pornography, adultery and divorce; and by firmly resisting every push to redefine marriage: to include same-sex or group bonds, or sexually open or temporary ones.

And they have a message for corporate America. Perhaps they have seen how many of America’s largest companies are scoring big on the just released HRC Corporate Equality Index:

We rededicate ourselves to honoring, restoring, and protecting these truths. We commit, where possible, to refuse to deal with corporations that deny them. We pledge to resist the rising cultural imperialism of Western powers whose governments seek nothing less than the ideological colonization of the family.

If they did what they say they will do then they will be reduced to communicating with tin cans on string and their computers would look like abacuses. Brown has also used the phrase “cultural imperialism” which means the imposition of cultural norms of the more powerful nations on less powerful nations. It is largely a fictional contrivance by the same people who call for American exceptionalism which also exports values.

In other words it is American exceptionalism when they like the values and cultural imperialism when they don’t. The categorization is largely dependent upon religious rules which are dependent upon ancient chronicles of dubious provenance. Did I mention confusion? How about silliness?

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.