Kim Davis and Mat Staver

Hate group leader Mat Staver sent out his year end gimme while citing his newsletter outlining the “achievements” of Liberty Counsel in 2016. This goes on for over 1,800 words and counts two courtroom wins — one of which is actually a loss. The rest of it is “filed this brief, represented this group, gave this testimony, provided legal counsel” and so on.

Among the legal victories:

Won a major case involving Child Evangelism Fellowship
in Ohio after three-year lawsuit against the Cleveland
Metropolitan School District.

At issue was whether or not the “Good News Club” was entitled to a fee waiver for using after-school facilities. Monumental I am certain.

There is also this:

Successfully defended Rowan County, Kentucky, Clerk
Kim Davis against the ACLU, which tried to force her
to issue same-sex marriage licenses with her name and
authorization on them. Worked with new Kentucky
Governor Matt Bevin and the legislature to unanimously
pass religious freedom protection for Kim and all
Kentucky clerks.

First of all it was a loss. Perhaps Staver forgets that his client went to the Pokey for contempt of court and that the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth District ruled against his client, sustaining an injunction imposed by the district court. The fact that the state subsequently changed the form is irrelevant.

Secondly, the ACLU was not the plaintiff in this case. That would be the couples who were denied marriage licenses. Thirdly, about the only thing that the legislature did was to change the format of the license application to remove the clerk’s name. It was all rather silly based upon an irrational woman’s bizarre notion of her religious obligations as an elected official. I am only surprised that Staver wasn’t sanctioned for advising his client not to obey an order of the Court.

Staver is still representing clientele like Roy Moore, Scott Lively. Bigots represented by a bigot. Moore he already lost and he was unable to secure a dismissal in Lively (who might just prevail in the end). Somehow his opponent in the Lively case is really George Soros. Go figure.

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By David Cary Hart

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