Brian Clowes, Human Life International
Brian Clowes, Human Life International

Thursday, Charlie Butts at American Family Association writes about Brian Clowes, the director of education and research at Human Life International (HLI). HLI is a roughly $3 million enterprise headed by a Catholic priest. An affiliated entity, HLI Endowment (a 501[c]2), is sitting on about $3 million in assets.

First Mr. Butts:

Money flowing into Third World countries is doing more to corrupt religious and cultural beliefs than to boost the nations’ prosperity/wellbeing.

Billionaires and left-leaning foundations are pumping money into population control in underdeveloped countries.

Among them are George Soros, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, and Rockefeller Foundation, to name a few, plus funding from western governments.

Actually most of that foundation money goes into things like education, sanitation, health and literacy. For example, the following is a small part of the Gates Foundation’s 2014 990 filing with the IRS:

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Or, in other words, what is Butts talking about? Enter Mr. Clowes who claims that this all goes back to the Nixon era National Security Study Memorandum 200 (I’ll get to the homophobia, please bear with me):

“[It] says that we have to hold down the populations of developing countries so we can get our hands on their natural resources,” he says. “In other words, we have to pillage their natural resources by holding down their populations, and that was an official document written by Henry Kissinger under President Richard M. Nixon.”

What Third World countries need is economic development, education and health care rather than contraception and abortion.

Wikipedia has a different perspective:

The basic thesis of the memorandum was that population growth in the least developed countries (LDCs) is a concern to US national security, because it would tend to risk civil unrest and political instability in countries that had a high potential for economic development. The policy gives “paramount importance” to population control measures and the promotion of contraception among 13 populous countries to control rapid population growth which the US deems inimical to the socio-political and economic growth of these countries and to the national interests of the United States since the “U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad” and the countries can produce destabilizing opposition forces against the US.

Mr. Clowes, of course, is opposed to contraception. According to his organization, “Contraception: The root of the Culture of Death.” It blames abortion primarily on the “tragic consequence of failed contraception.” The largest portion of HLI’s expenditures goes to sub-Saharan Africa.

Common sense suggests that causing people not to use contraceptives will lead to more poverty, more abortions and more AIDS cases.

Ah, but the queers are a problem:

“They still have poverty of course, because
all of this population control, all of this pushing homosexuality down
their throats does not improve the standard of living of the people,”
Clowes points out. “All it does is make large poor families into small
poor families. So visually it looks the same but the beliefs of the
people are absolutely being corrupted.”

I concede that we do try to educate developing nations about their LGBT citizens and hope that, in doing so, they will treat those people with more decency. At the same time Clowes and his ilk are advocating the superstition that gay people are “objectively disordered.” This is contrary to human decency and, again, this is just superstition without any scientific support or evidence. According to the superstition trans folks are mentally ill and “gender confused.” Perhaps they require an exorcism.

I am also trying to figure out how having unwanted children (some of whom are HIV infected) improves the economy. Is that not counter-intuitive? But Butts and Clowes are not done. According to the ignoramuses:

The few groups promoting moral standards in those countries have combined budgets of $10 thousand, while at least $8 billion a year is used to reduce population, and several billions of dollars more, partly from the U.S. State Department, to promote homosexuality.

Just $10,000? The dumb schmuck’s own organization spends nearly $300,000 annually on sub-Saharan Africa alone. That is just one minuscule part of the Catholic empire. And just how does promoting decency for LGBT people equate to “promoting homosexuality?” You would think that we are causing people to be gay. I suppose that, if one is wed to the preposterous notion that sexual orientation is a chosen behavior, it is possible to believe that we are somehow doing so. The fact that that is contrary to the overwhelming consensus of science doesn’t seem to bother these folks a bit.

For the record, American Family Association is designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. So keep it up Charlie!

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