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According to an email Friday afternoon from National Organization for Marriage: “LGBT Extremists Going Berserk.” I guess that we are in the process and haven’t reached full berserkness yet. Of course, according to Brain S. Brown, head of the anti-LGBT group, anyone — gay or straight — who has ever visited HRC’s website is an LGBT extremist. I know that I am. And you? And what is it that is causing us to go berserk you ask?

LGBT extremist groups and leaders are going positively berserk as they come to realize that NOM is on the march, gaining members and influencing policy. They thought they had killed us off when they got the US Supreme Court to illegitimately redefine marriage in 2015. But we didn’t go away. Instead, we’ve been working hard to change the political environment so that we can restore marriage, while protecting supporters of marriage from discrimination in the meantime. With the election of Donald Trump, we have a realistic chance to remake the US Supreme Court and reverse the Obergefell decision on marriage.

Gaining members? NOM doesn’t have any “members.” Influencing policy? My neighbor’s Dachshund is more influential and at least he does tricks now and then. And we did kill NOM off. They just lack the class and common sense to pull the plug. NOM doesn’t actually do abything. NOM exists to raise money to pay salaries to continue to exist to raise money to pay salaries to continue to exist and so on.

And the Supreme Court did not “illegitimately redefine marriage.” The Court is the final arbiter of the Constitution (Marbury v. Madison) making it virtually impossible to render an illegitimate ruling. Moreover, it did not redefine marriage. Civil marriage remains the legal bond that allows us to create a marital estate. Anything is possible in up-is-down Trump world but I seriously doubt that the Court would entertain reversing Obergefell. So I guess that the only part of that paragraph that is remotely truthful would be the three periods at the end of the sentences. Other than that …

What Brown means and cannot say is that the Catholic Church does not approve of the ruling in Obergefell. Therefore, it should not count.

“I’ll take batshit for $200 Gene.”

President Trump will announce his nomination to replace the late Antonin Scalia next Thursday. Every person he is considering is excellent, a jurist who will follow in the footsteps of Justice Scalia. That means in less than a week NOM will be in the midst of one of the most pitched battles of modern times.

More nonsense. NOM will not be in the “midst” of anything other than the accounts payable that it is unable to liquidate. It exists but it is insolvent. You know what’s coming next:

Please help us be ready to begin to take back the Supreme Court by renewing your membership in NOM. Membership is a minimum of $35, but we encourage you to contribute more than the minimum if you are able. Please act today.

As if they have ever accomplished anything. NOM has pissed away about $65 million and has nothing to show for it. The only one who really made out is John Eastman, co-chair and house counsel who collected a chest full of legal fees without ever winning a case for NOM. Were he not co-chair he should have been sued for malpractice after the IRS debacle that cost NOM about a half-million dollars.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.