I suspect that we are going to eventually find out that Donald Trump’s campaign is complicit in the Russian enterprise to hack DNC emails and influence the 2016 presidential race. But that is conjecture. What is not a supposition is the way that Trump has behaved since he became President. He has demonstrated every nuance of his personality disorder: Disorganized thinking, paranoia, delusions of grandeur, exaggerated feelings of self-importance, excessive need for admiration, exploitive of others, a sense of entitlement, egomania and an inability to process criticism — and that is just for starters. The AP has compiled a list of some of Trump’s more egregious recent misstatements as well. Who can keep up with a pathological liar?

Case in point is his thoroughly reckless proclamation Saturday that President Obama tapped the phones in Trump Tower. The scariest part of this is that Trump apparently thinks that he has the power to surveil people. He does not. It is also disturbing that Trump did not reveal the source of the information. That is what any normal person would do.

If Trump posed the wire tapping as a distraction to what is going on with Jefferson Sessions, he is now trying to engage in a distraction from the distraction. Today Trump proclaimed that the administration will have no further comment on the matter as he called for Congress to investigate whether or not his campaign was illegally surveilled. Schemers like Trump can be very taxing on our energy. They make cynics of us all.

There are three possibilities:

  1. He just made it up.
  2. He is repeating right wing outlets like Breitbart.
  3. Law enforcement obtained a warrant and did, in fact, surveil some communications with people in the Trump campaign.

I doubt that even Trump would just make something like this up so let’s open door number two. Trump has called any reporting that he does not like (meaning that a story is somehow critical of Trump) “fake news.” That is just a bald-faced lie and Trump is a pathological liar. If a reporter has the facts wrong then he should correct the article. So, while denigrating the Washington Post and the New York Times he places faith the accuracy of Breitbart. If he really believes any of the nonsense coming from Breitbart then he confirms the lack of critical thinking and sound judgment necessary to be the President of the United States. If, on the other hand, he is just repeating a Breitbart story because he likes what it says then he is lying again. Either way, Trump is unfit for office.

Behind door number three is the possibility that Trump told the truth. That means that a federal judge or the FISA Court found probable cause that a crime was committed and issued a warrant. Were that the case it is possible that the subject matter has nothing to do with the campaign. For example, Trump is possibly guilty of bankruptcy fraud. Whether it is or is not related to the campaign, Trump would already be in serious trouble (while noting that our legal system gives people accused of crimes the assumption of innocence unless proven guilty.

All that aside there is another reckless act. Trump has done something that no other president has done in my lifetime. He, as president, has personally attacked a former president.

Consider the many levels of stupidity. He assumes that Obama had the authority to “tapp” his phones. Apparently he did not bother to ask anyone before accusing a former president of serious misconduct. If he did discuss the matter with someone then that person, possibly Bannon, is as big an ignorant schmuck as Trump. If Trump did this because of right wing reporting then he failed another obligation. He did not pick up the phone and contact President Obama. Aside from common courtesy, does he not understand the ramifications of denigrating the office that he now holds? What else is Trump willing to do based on faulty assumptions, ignorance, poor judgment and the failure to obtain the assistance of experienced professionals?

In corporate American some of us like to say that a corporation can effect a quality culture when it is concerned for the best interests of its customers — first, last and always. Our elected officials have a similar obligation. We expect them to conduct their affairs by considering the best interests of the American people — first, last and always. What we have witnessed over the past 53 days or so is a presidency dedicated to the best interests of Donald J. Trump — first, last and always.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.