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This time it is the rabidly homophobic Gary Bauer. Bauer, who was one of the founders of the hate group Family Research Council, who is offering conspiracy theories in support of Trump. Bauer is paraphrased at American Family Association’s blog:

A pro-family leader says there is plenty of evidence that the Trump campaign was monitored by the Obama administration last year, as the media reported on former President Barack Obama wiretapping Trump before the president tweeted his accusation about spying.

Bauer goes on to quote various media sources including conspiracy theorist Mark Levin who references other media. In other words, this is an echo-fuck:

My good friend Mark Levin, former chief of staff to Attorney General Ed Meese, outlined the list of media reports referring to the investigation of Trump – reports that were allegedly based on sources in the intelligence community,” CWF’s leader shared in his report. “Levin told Fox & Friends: ‘The issue isn’t whether the Obama Administration spied on the Trump campaign or the transition or surrogates; the issue is the extent of it … These are police state tactics.’

The tweet:

According to the tweet, President Obama is personally responsible and (according to the Watergate reference) he acted unlawfully. Mr. Bauer and Mr. Levin should not be weighing in at all. Trump should disclose, first, the bases of his allegation and that would avoid speculation. Trump has the power to find out anything that he doesn’t know.

Mr. Bauer does not address the fact that a sitting President of the United States made a decision to smear his predecessor. It is unheard of. The first thing that Trump should have done was to call Obama. The judgment that Trump has displayed throughout his tenure has been abysmal. Anything that is flattering to Trump just proves that he is the greatest world leader in history. Anything that is critical of Trump is part of a left-wing conspiracy intent on usurping his power.

Bauer goes on to quote right wing lawyer Andrew McCarthy:

The specter of an investigation – breathless media reports of FISA-court applications, wiretaps, surveillance of agents of a foreign power, and mysterious servers; painstaking analysis of shady financial transactions involving Russian banks and funding streams – seems to make the outlandish conspiracy impossible to dismiss out of hand.

Whoa! If there is a conspiracy theory at work it is the unsubstantiated allegation that Obama tapped Trump (which sounds ridiculous as I type it). All of that would have been avoided with some disclosures from Trump. It is conceivable that Trump and his associates have been surveilled either due to the Russian meddling in our election or Trump’s business practices. If that is the case then someone had to obtain a warrant, presumably on behalf of the FBI, which would have required a demonstration of probable cause that a crime had been committed. Trump can find out and let us all know by simply calling FBI Director Comey.

Trump either has to admit that he subscribed to a baseless conspiracy theory or is under serious investigation. Mr. Bauer is only feeding Trump’s personality disorder.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.