Bob Eschliman

Rabid homophobe, Bob Eschliman, has a new post up at Charisma titled: “Report: Government Spied on President Trump ‘For Years.’” And just where did that “report” come from? Alex Jones’ InfoWars, of course.

But it gets worse.

InfoWars relies on information from Jerome Corsi who was a dishonest player in both the Swift Boat and Birther conspiracy theories at WND.

But it gets even worse.

Corsi relies on Michael Zullo. Zullo ran Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse which was formed to investigate the birth certificate that President Obama eventually released. Zullo and his group concluded that the birth certificate was a forgery.

Way to go Bob.

The scandal surrounding whether or not the U.S. government had been monitoring the communications of President Donald Trump took a new twist over the weekend when released a new report documenting surveillance against the Trump Organization that had been ongoing “for years” before the 2016 election.

Investigative journalist Jerome Corsi authored the report, which stated:

Michael Zullo, formerly the commander and chief investigator of the Cold Case Posse (CCP), a special investigative group created in 2006 in the office of Joseph M. Arpaio, formerly the sheriff in Maricopa County, an Arizona State Certified Law Enforcement Agency, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, provided sections of the database to

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