Brian S. Brown

Brian S. Brown, leader of International Organization of Families, is smearing trans folks again. It seems to be his favorite hobby of late now that marriage is settled.  In an email to supporters Brown claims:

In America, you can’t say ‘Boys are boys.’

I’m sure you know the old saying that ‘boys will be boys,’ a cultural shorthand to describe the traits and qualities that many boys develop as they grow up. But today in America, uttering that phrase is now considered ‘hate speech.’ That’s because radical LGBT extremists are on a mission to strip gender from society so that boys can be declared to be ‘girls’ if that’s what they choose to be, and girls can become ‘boys’ if they wish. Biology is said to have nothing to do with gender.

Just how self-absorbed is this guy? Suggesting that the phrase “boys will be boys” is hate speech is idiotic. The rest of that paragraph makes even less sense. The simple fact is that a simple pope has been on an anti-trans tear since he assumed office. Therefore, conservative Catholics like Brown follow suit no matter how moronic. It doesn’t dawn on them that the pope doesn’t have the training or experience to weigh in on matters of human sexuality. He and Brown are desperate to conform the world to the catechism no matter how that might torture reason and logic.

Brown is once again asserting — quite ignorantly — that gender identity is a matter of choice. He seems incapable of grasping the simple scientific truth that, for a small percentage of people, gender and sex are inconsistent. In that case, and depending upon the severity of the incongruence, it is gender which will determine how they perceive and present themselves.

If the male sibling effect means anything (and it is scientifically pretty sound) Brown should be careful about his anti-LGBT tirades. What will he do if he has a gay son? How will he ever cope?

Brown’s invective continues:

Of course, this gender ideology is rubbish and is dangerous for children, and for society as a whole.

Will you stand with IOF in pursuit of the truth of gender? Please make a generous financial contribution today.

Of course there is no such thing as “gender ideology.” It’s a made-up term that is meaningless. And, of course, this is all about money. This anti-trans harangue is simply a means of sticking his hand out asking for donations. Mr. Brown knows no shame.

The International Organization for the Family (IOF) is co-sponsoring the #FreeSpeechBus tour along with the National Organization for Marriage and CitizenGo (both groups are IOF partners) to combat the growing influence of gender ideology. The bus proclaims the truth of gender – that biology determines gender and that boys and girls will always be the gender they were created to be – and that gender cannot be changed based on feelings and emotions.

It is the Catholic Church’s hate bus tour fueled with ignorance and willful stupidity. No one made this up. It is a scientific fact that biology does not always determine one’s gender. Saying otherwise is comparable to insisting that the sun orbits the earth or that Trump is sane.

As you may have heard, the #FreeSpeechBus was attacked and the bus driver injured last week just hours after we kicked off the tour in Manhattan. Extensive damage was inflicted on the bus and repairs have delayed the tour. Fortunately, the bus will be back on the road shortly, and the bus driver’s injuries were not serious.

Suddenly the bus driver was injured. No details on how that supposedly happened. Whiplash perhaps? In all seriousness Brown is very hyperbolic so you never know exactly what to believe. Nevertheless, if the driver was attacked that is conduct that I am vigorously opposed to. We are better than that. We have facts and logic on our side. Plus, we are consistently winning what they used to call the culture war.

Another money-beg:

IOF is determined to bring the truth of gender to people across the globe so that we can hit “pause” on this dangerous push for gender ideology to replace actual gender. Will you stand with us? Please make a financial contribution today so that we can help promote the bus tour and educate citizens worldwide about these issues.

This #FreeSpeechBus tour is just one example of the many programs that IOF has underway. I’m writing to you from Nigeria where I am addressing the African Regional Conference, which we are co-sponsoring through our World Congress of Families subsidiary organization. We have numerous other regional conferences this year in development. The WCF World Congress XI Budapest Family Summit is also rapidly approaching May 25-28 when we will bring together thousands of activists, students, researchers, scholars and leaders to discussing emerging issues impacting the natural family, and discuss strategies to deal with them.

You would think that this is some huge operation. World Congress of Families and International Organization for Families are nothing more than DBAs for the Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society. It is all the same entity. The same tax ID. The same people. The same budget — the same hate group. Nigeria is the perfect place to share ignorance. It has the 13th highest infant mortality rate in the world and a life expectancy at birth of only 46 years. For all its religiosity it has the second largest population of people with HIV. About half the country is officially under Shariah law. Go get ’em Bri.

We are the publishers of the critically acclaimed international journal of research and policy, The Natural Family, which is a leading scholarly publication on family issues. We are also implementing both an emerging leaders program for young people, as well as programs aimed at policymakers.

Critically acclaimed by who exactly? Scholarly publications are peer reviewed. Scholarly publications are published by professional peer groups or academia. IOF’s (whatever-it-is) is none of those things. Nice try Bri.

More money-beg:

All of these programs – the #FreeSpeechBus tour, sponsorship of regional conferences around the globe, the World Congress, programs for leaders and young people, the scholarly journal, etc. – depend on the voluntary funding of individuals and organizations who understand the importance of promoting the natural family as the core unit of society. We receive no government funding. Please make your most generous financial contribution so that IOF can continue to help lead the worldwide pro-family movement.

Feed the beast and while you are at it send us some money:

Thank you for your consideration. Any amount you can afford will be gratefully appreciated.

The same effort put into solving any of Nigeria’s problems might actually accomplish something. This crusade for scriptural purity only spreads ignorance and hate. Its constituents are damaged as much as  its targets.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.