First it was the homosexuals. Now it’s the transgendered. Pretty soon it will be the pedophiles who demand their rights. That is the presumption of Joe Bissonnette who teaches religion and philosophy at Assumption College School in Brantford, Ontario. Bissonnette writes in that Thomistic pseudo-intellectual tortured-sarcasm style that has become so annoyingly familiar. It comprises an expression of intellectual mediocrity.

He starts by manufacturing an oh-too-clever esoteric priesthood of those he — and the Church — disapprove of:

Though our culture is post-Christian our natures remain deeply religious, still requiring sacrifices offered by priests. But the priests of our age are not those consecrated by the Church; they are the sacrificial exemplars of the next step in the forward march of progressive history.

In other words, Mr. Bissonnette’s dependencies are transferable to those he disapproves of. Like most of these treatises this diatribe is ultimately about approval and disapproval based upon slavish devotion to those ancient chronicles.

Skipping a paragraph:

For a period of time, during the ascendancy of gay pride, homosexuals assumed the role of our persecuted avant-garde priesthood. On the one hand they were anything but ascetic, pursuing a hedonistic transgression of natural sexuality, but insofar as they could claim social condemnation and rejection by villainous reactionaries, whether real or imagined, they were exemplars of a transcendent, sacrificial commitment to the religion of progress; they were priests. They had moral authority and we gave them deference.

Mr. Bissonnette does not approve of gay people. Nor does the Church. We are — you know — “objectively disordered.” While science tells us that homosexuality is a natural variant of human sexuality, Bissonnette insists that gays are unnatural. In an appeal to stereotype we are “hedonistic.” We engage is gratuitous sexual self-indulgence. This all stems from the usual disapproval and the underlying tone is that Bissonnette has been victimized by the perverts. After all, he has been characterized as a “villainous reactionary.” If that is how he sees himself in a reflection of LGBT eyes then, just maybe, he is the societal problem, not those LGBT people.

I am not well versed in Canadian law but we, in the United States, pride ourselves on being a secular nation — at least most of us do. The imposition of religious belief on public policy is ultimately rejected. That is what happened with gay rights and that is what is currently happening with transgender rights. Most of us realize that the fact that the Church’s position is that transgender people do not exist doesn’t mean that transgender people do not exist. Science provides us with an understanding of gender dysphoria as a condition and gender-affirmation as a means of relieving the distress that it causes. Prayer does not seem to work very well. Nor do keeping kosher, human sacrifice, lighting devotional candles or worshiping Xenu.

And while we are on a history lesson, Bissonnette is representative of the people who have resisted every measure of decency towards gay people. At the same time they had the chutzpah to insist that they were loving, charitable and respectful. Whatever LGBT people have accomplished in the way of equality has been in spite of those self-righteous religious conservatives.

Introducing disapproval of transgender people:

But once we had caught up with the avant-garde, their claims of persecution and thereby their sacrificial priesthood ended. The religion of progress had triumphed over natural sexuality, and even if we ourselves hadn’t become homosexuals, we had internalized their philosophy. Now we are in the age of the priesthood of the transgendered, and the transformation they are ushering in is much deeper, much more existential. Whereas the homosexual priesthood sanctified the rejection of nature, the transgendered priesthood sanctifies the unreality of being.

See how easily one can dismiss discrimination and persecution at their hands? They used to do the same thing to Jews. They have managed to erase that historical chapter from their memories and are obliged to never mention it — along with all of those forged Red Cross passports that the Vatican arranged to have issued to  all those Nazi war criminals after World War II. Anti-LGBT persecution will also eventually vanish from memory and the historical record.

Moreover, according to Bissonnette, gays reject nature and transgender people reject reality. Those are not the conclusions of peer reviewed research published to respected scholarly journals. No, not at all. Rather, those are the pronouncements of pampered prelates. Were it limited to the faithful it would be relatively harmless except for the damage that they do to their own LGBT children. Yet, it is not thus limited. It is the basis for their prospective imposition of religious teachings on everyone else. It presupposes, quite arrogantly, that they — and they alone — have all of the answers.

The transgendered priesthood is the spiritual compliment to the technological development of virtual reality. The transgendered have transcended not only their natures, but their very bodies. They, and through them, all of us, have achieved spiritual and physical plasticity. There is no longer essence. We are utterly subject to our own redefinition and reconfiguration.

All that gibberish provides no answers for people with gender dysphoria which is very much a reality. For some of those people, gender affirmation and transition are the only reality known to science to relieve the distress. Should they suffer because of ignorance and superstition? Bissonnette has all the answers. What are they to do? Please do tell them because none of them have volunteered for this derision and disrespect. Parents of gender nonconforming children are desperate for alternatives so do share this wisdom with them. I cannot find a CV for Mr. Bissonnette but I am pretty sure that he is not a medical doctor.

“The rise of the transgendered movement marks the complete defeat of common sense realism, which had been the everyday, boots on the ground response to existentialism. … They will be replaced by a new mildly persecuted avant-garde.” The three ellipses replace several paragraphs of the usual proforma anti-trans bigotry. And then comes the payoff:

A possible candidate group are advocates of inter-generational sex, or more plainly, adults who want to have sex with children. My students have a visceral disgust at the suggestion, not unlike their response to homosexuality ten years ago, or transgenderism three years ago. But given the complete subjectivity and meaninglessness of sex established by the acceptance of homosexuality and now transgenderism they cannot find any rational argument to support their visceral disgust. The avant-garde will cry discrimination and point to the logical consistency of our newly minted sexual lifestyle. We will initially cower in silence and then in short order embrace the most explicit abuse of our children.

If his students cannot find the obvious rational argument — which is the lack of consent — then it is because they are in a religious college where their teachers are not exactly the most proficient critical thinkers in the world. As for disgust, it applies to people who would propose a similarity of LGBT folks to pedophiles and pederasts. Were his students critical thinkers that revulsion should precede antipathy towards child molesters. If believed, it represents an intellectually dishonest argument that is profoundly toxic. It is embraced and then spread.


The priesthood of the transgendered is one of the last of the degenerate priesthoods. In the not too distant future we will join St. Paul in “…filling up what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ on behalf of his body, which is the church.”

So now people with a certain medical condition are “degenerates.” And this ignorance and bigotry is being passed off (and accepted) as enlightened doctrine. Some of Bissonnette’s students are probably gay themselves and some may even be gender dysphoric. Some will try to convince themselves and others that they are not LGBT by being outwardly bigoted. A few of those students will eventually come to understand that these sanctimonious blowhards are just plain wrong.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.