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Being part, or an enabler, of a cult is a choice. Being LGBT is not.

The miserable Moonies explore some intellectual (and truthfulness) challenges as North Carolina lawmakers continue to wrangle with their controversial HB2. The gods of these Washington Times contributors don’t seem to help their causes but they do craft some wonderful hypocrites.

We start with Washington Times columnist Suzanne Fields. Her struggle is with arithmetic. Seriously. The general belief is that about 0.3% of the population are transgender, a number that was recently revised by Williams Institute to 0.6%. Nevertheless, 0.3% equates to a multiplier of .003. This presents considerable difficulty for Ms. Fields who writes:

Legal protections are important, and so is respect for those who suffer
through a sex change, but the 99.997 percent of the population shouldn’t
have to adjust morality and manners that flow from our basic
understanding of sexuality to accommodate the 0.003 percent who want to
sample a new identity. Language should be precise.

Yes language should be precise. 0.003% would be a multiplier of .00003 which would mean that there are a total of about 9,500 trans folks in the US. Now about 74.2 million of us are under 18 years of age. I am not among them. That means that 2,226 school kids are transgender according to Ms. Fields’ arithmetic. We can assume that Fields has an editor who is either unable to compute beyond basic addition and subtraction or cannot read. It’s a tossup. We really never have to get to the “sample a new identity” BS. I am glad because I do not know what that means.

Let us move on to the ever erudite editorial pages of the Washington Times where they are mightily perturbed by the NCAA:

North Carolina lawmakers must capitulate to the demands of the
hysterical LGBT lobby, and throw open the doors of all public restrooms
to the vanishingly small percentage of the population that insists on
deciding whether male or female as the mood strikes — or else. What any
of that has to do with North Carolina’s ability and fitness to host NCAA games is, like the sex of someone answering the call of nature, anyone’s guess.

Submission to the indeterminate “anyone’s guess” would be most of that paragraph. Yes, transgender people represent a small percentage of the population. “Vanishingly?” Is there a study that I am unaware of? Obviously of greater importance is the notion that people with gender dysphoria are “deciding” anything about their gender. Were that the case it should be obvious — even to the folks at the Washington Times — that there would be not transgender people. “As the mood strikes” is the kind of intellectually dishonest rhetorical bullshit that shall forever weld the outlet to the term Moonie Madness.

So we move on to columnist Cheryl K. Chumley whose daily consumption of Kook-Aide rivals the entirety of the Heritage Foundation. We are informed that “She’s also a 2008-2009 Robert Novak journalism fellow with The Phillips Foundation.” The foundation’s website seems to be broken. According to SourceWatch, what appears to be a far-right religion-oriented operation had over 100 Novak journalism fellows as of 2011.

Chumley enlightens us all:

Enough with the bathrooms already. Fact is: No amount of legislation can change a boy into a girl, and a girl into a boy.

Religious conservatives seem to have no problem dismissing the very scientific concept of gender in order to conform reality to their superstitions.

But North Carolina lawmakers have decided to go ahead and repeal their controversial HB2, the so-called “bathroom bill” that sparked massive outcry among the LBGTQ community, the business world, the NCAA and artists like Bruce Springsteen and Ringo Starr who refused to play in places that didn’t let boys pee in the girls’ restroom.

See how easy it is to summarize one’s religious disapproval. Of course what all this fuss is about is allowing trans boys and trans girls to pee in the gender appropriate bathroom lest, for example, some kid wearing a dress has to pee in the boys’ room. Get a grip. The law was passed because most of North Carolina’s legislature are conservative Christian ignoramuses who are offended by what they see as a challenge to scripture. Fuck science when ancient chronicles will do.

North Carolina Republicans struck a deal with their Democratic governor, Roy Cooper, to pull HB2, which makes sure that only those born boys use public boys’ rooms and likewise for girls. Law supporters saw it as a safety issue — as a way of keeping out the peeping toms, and worse.

Dishonest nonsense. Safety is simply a pretext for discrimination born of religious dogma. People do not pretend to be trans to gain access to the bathroom of the opposite sex. Although lately we have seen some conservative Christians do just that in order to make a point. The fact that they are not making the point doesn’t seem to register. The religious conservative brain is incapable of processing the concept.

No mention, by the way that the state has preempted municipal LGBT protections. Chumley conveniently forgot that part.

With the state maintaining control, it does indeed smell of HB2.0. But then again — so what? There’s nothing wrong with a state trying to keep boys out of the girls’ bathrooms. And just to double down on the whole reason the bathroom bill was born in the first place: Boys who dress as girls are not girls.

That and that alone should be the focus of the HB2 argument. And if it means a few businesses leave the state, so be it.

As I said, the conservative religious brain is incapable of processing the concept of gender and science. The AP calculated that North Carolina is going to lose about $3.5 billion in revenues over the next few years. “So be it.” Idiot.

What will any of these imbeciles do if they happen to have a child with gender dysphoria? Do they believe that religion somehow inoculates them?

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.