Vimeo has removed all of David Kyle Foster’s videos. Foster calls it religious bigotry. Foster, by the way, has claimed that there are millions of ex-gays. Foster is intent on calling gay people broken and in need of repair. It’s a mix of the usual homophobic BS.

David Kyle Foster is the prototypical nutty “ex”-gay. Between 1976 and 1980 Foster had small roles in three movies and two TV films. Supposedly, at the same time, and for a total of seven years, Foster was also a prostitute. He claims to have slept with two to three guys a night for money. Then the failed actor got religion. Foster claims to have a Doctor of Ministry degree from Trinity School for Ministry. Foster has a small non-profit based in Tennessee, Mastering Life Ministries dba Pure Passion Media. For public consumption, the “Dr.” honorific seems to be pretentiously welded to Foster’s name.

A few days ago, Vimeo removed all 850 of Foster’s videos from their site and closed his account. According to hate group American Family Association:

Why? As Vimeo explained to Dr. David Kyle Foster, director of Pure Passion Ministries and himself a former homosexual, “To put it plainly, we don’t believe that homosexuality requires a cure and we don’t allow videos on our platform that espouse this point of view…We also consider this basic viewpoint to display a demeaning attitude toward a specific group, which is something that we do not allow.”

Vimeo’s explanation seems pretty reasonable to me. It is their space and they are entitled to define their Acceptable Use Policy.

Did you catch that? Vimeo is guilty of the very same intolerance they claim Pure Passion has.

No AFA. I did not “catch that.” Intolerance of bigotry is not comparable to intolerance by bigots. AFA has a petition that is unlikely to accomplish anything but AFA like petitions.

On Thursday foster took his cause to the dependably bigoted uber-Catholic It is a rather comical diatribe. It took Foster about 900 words of warm-up before he even mentions Vimeo. He is trying to make the inexplicable case that Vimeo is part of one-world-government.

These days, it’s hard to know who is taking their cues from whom – the NSA or Amazon, the CIA or Facebook, the Defense Intelligence Agency or Vimeo?

The stripping of 1st Amendment freedoms of speech, religion and privacy have all been broached in our generation by both corporate and government entities in the name of national security and/or under the guise of protecting people from “hate speech”. As an example, Target Department Stores flung open its bathroom doors to pedophiles, sex criminals, would-be transgenders and others in an arrogant and callous disregard for the safety of women and children.

Mr. Foster has some harsh words for former President Obama:

Our former president spent a great deal of time, effort and taxpayer dollars trying to force nuns at the “Little Sisters of the Poor” to pay for abortions (via insurance premiums), and to strip florists and bakers of their religious freedoms (with egregious fines) so as to drive them out of business for not complying with “big brother’s” wishes. […]

Of course the federal government has absolutely nothing to do with state and municipal nondiscrimination laws, the florists and bakers who flout them and the cost of noncompliance.

I am omitting considerable portions of the gibberish. Keep in mind that, somehow, this is all related to Vimeo’s Acceptable Use Policy. For example:

In 1949, George Orwell wrote the classic novel, 1984, where a totalitarian government takes control of its population and programs the minds of its people to accept their enslavement.

Here are some chilling quotes from this prophetic book:

“Freedom is slavery.” [… … … …]


Then there was the 1931 dystopian novel, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley […]

Take that Vimeo!

Bat turds hit the turbines for many more paragraphs. Finally, Foster gets to the point:

The most recent example of corporate “big brother” is […]

Oh really?

In the past few years, they began dictating new “political correctness” rules for the many nonprofits, churches, ministries and corporate entities, some of whom had spent tens of thousands of dollars establishing their presence during almost a decade on the site. Vimeo’s new rules imposed restrictions on what they could post on their own well-established pages.

You’d expect such rules to revolve around eliminating pro-pedophile videos or rape videos or pornographic vides , or videos about terrorism, jihad or other violent acts. No – those were okay. [… … …]

It’s a logical fallacy. There is (allegedly) other material that I disapprove of that I think is worse than mine so my material is okay.

Then we get to the “good” stuff:

Some months ago, Vimeo removed all of the videos from the Christian network of ministries to homosexuals, Restored Hope Network – an outstanding ministry that helps those who come to them for healing from wounds that have led to sexual brokenness. Homosexuals have proven and [??] significant levels of brokenness, such as histories of childhood sexual abuse, depression, suicidal ideation, substance abuse, domestic violence, etc. Research abounds at CDC and APA websites. Entire books have been written on the brokenness, not only by ministries like ours, but by secular and gay authors as well.

Gays are not broken. The wounds they suffer usually come from religious crackpots like Mr. Foster. Childhood sex abuse does not cause someone to be gay. Foster fails to cite any of the research that he says “abounds at CDC and APA websites.” Nor does he provide the titles of books by secular and gay authors that he claims support his unscientific theory. Foster hasn’t the training or background to advance theories pertaining to human sexuality.

The truth is that the following organizations concur that sexual orientation is innate and the efforts to change sexual orientation are ineffective and harmful.

  • American Academy of Pediatrics
  • American Counseling Association
  • American Association of School Administrators
  • American Federation of Teachers
  • American Medical Association
  • American Psychological Association
  • American Psychiatric Association
  • American School Health Association
  • American Sociological Association
  • Interfaith Alliance Foundation
  • National Association of School Psychologists
  • National Association of Social Workers
  • National Education Association

Returning to Mr. Foster:

But the “thought police” at Vimeo don’t
want it known that homosexuals have sexual brokenness. They have
declared that such an idea is “demeaning”. They also consider the idea
that Jesus Christ can bring healing to sexual brokenness both offensive
and demeaning.

Foster has this habit of stating his opinions as fact. His opinions on human sexuality have no scientific bases whatsoever. Foster is selling snake oil.

Recently, Vimeo removed all 850 of our
award-winning videos – videos that feature many of the world’s top
experts in helping sexually broken people, as well as testimonies of
individuals whose lives have been rescued from destruction as a direct
result of the help found in the videos.

If they were truly experts then they would not be promoting this nonsense. Foster does not realize just how ridiculous his hyperbole is.

Though little more than half deal with
healing sexual brokenness among homosexuals, Vimeo wanted them all gone.
Censored! No more help for victims of sex trafficking or other forms of
childhood sexual abuse. No help for the massive population of sex
addicts, some of whom get their porn fix from Vimeo. Many have testified
to us that our videos kept them from committing suicide, spurred them
to give their lives to Jesus Christ, saved their marriage and much more.
But Vimeo wanted them all gone – displaying the very kind of selfish,
self-centeredness that (ironically enough) typifies sexually broken

This goes on and on and on, well past the point of abject absurdity. Much of it is repetitive. But Mr. Wizard claims to have some insight into gender dysphoria too.

The “T” in LGBT are also in crisis
health-wise, with astronomical rates of major depression and suicide.
Why do you consider it a crime to try to help those who are seeking
help? And why would you remove help for those affected by the very
conditions that drive them to suicide at such abnormally high levels?

Need I say that the above is the confusion of causation and correlation? I will spare everyone the treatise on the Minority Stress Model.

Your admission of ignorance of the findings
of the APAs, the CDC and dozens of gay studies is to make my point.
Your policy is misinformed. For your righteous cause, you think you are
helping homosexuals by shutting down any information about there being
any brokenness among them (under the guise of it being “demeaning” to
suggest such a thing) and in the process leaving the broken ones strewn
on the battlefield with no one left to help.

This represents yet another logical fallacy. Foster is citing an argument from authority (APA and CDC) without stating what that argument is. He is not citing any evidence to support his uninformed contentions.

Foster continues to repeat his BS over and over again. There are more references to George Orwell before this thing charitably comes to a conclusion. Overall Foster uses the words broken or brokenness 29 times. 

Speaking of “broke,” David Kyle Foster’s ideas are intellectually bankrupt. Worse still, they are toxic and potentially harmful, particularly to gay kids. “Pray-Away-The-Gay” programs are a pretext for discrimination and oppression. If Foster had any class he would have learned something from the demise of Exodus International. Foster is arrogant, egotistical and controlling (if people allow him a measure of control). Parents, in particular, should know that Foster is a fount of unsubstantiated pseudo-science and ignorance.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.