Ah, the daily trek over to LifeSiteNews only to find out that “Tim Horton’s ad celebrates homosexual couple as a ‘perfect pair.’ That’s nice. What is wrong with that I wonder. Only to find out:

“They are trying to normalize homosexuality,” said Gwen Landolt of the REAL Women of Canada. “But they aren’t normal. They amount to between one and two percent of the population the world over.”

It is a challenge to spout that much stupidity in just two sentences but Gwen Landolt seems to have risen to the occasion. It’s not “normal” to dwell on the sex lives and attractions of other people. REAL Women of Canada, in case you haven’t guessed is the north-of-the-border answer to Concerned Women for America.

RWC is a Christianist group that opposes all LGBT rights and abortion as it seeks to impose its tight-assed values on Canada as public policy. By the way, according to her “logic” members of many religions in Canada are abnormal: Baptist 1.9%, Lutheran 1.5%, Pentecostal 1.5%, Presbyterian 1.4%, other Protestant 2.9%, Orthodox 1.6%, Muslim 3.2%, Hindu 1.5%, Sikh 1.4%, Buddhist 1.1%, Jewish 1%. Also, ethnic Italians and ethnic Chinese are abnormal at about 4.5% of the population.

Now the chain is apparently equating being Canadian with sexual inclusion.

“They are trying to be politically correct,” Landolt told LifeSite. “They are saying homosexual relationships are like every other kind of relationship.”

To strengthen the argument, none of the romantic couples is evidently married. Certainly, none has been married for long.

“None of them have children,” said Landolt. “But people take their children to Tim Horton’s all the time. Married people go there all the time too.”

Taking these in paragraph order, Canada has been known for it diversity and inclusiveness for some time. That attracts foreign investment and foreign participation in the economy. Whether Ms. Landolt approves or not, gays have equal citizenship status to that of her Christian group’s members.

Political correctness is ordinarily secondary to the profit incentive. It’s not just the 5% of Canadian citizens who are gay. Horton’s is trying to attract the roughly 40% of the population that have a close family member who is LGBT.

This remarkable woman has no way of knowing which of the couples is married and for how long. The two women appear to be heterosexual friends but even that is uncertain. Nor can I fathom how any of that has anything to do with “the argument.” The purpose of an advertisement is not to promote an argument. It is to get people to buy something. In this case they are doing so through an expression of equality. It is a big company. In addition to research every advertisement is probably focus group tested.

As for children, I haven’t a clue what point she is trying to make. She is obviously not one of Canada’s brightest light bulbs.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.