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At what point will donors stop responding to Brian S. Brown’s crucial pleas for money on behalf of National Organization for Marriage? Could this also affect fund raising efforts for his other gig, International Organization of Families/World Congress of Families? The latest email from Brown is titled: “NOM Launches Urgent Matching Fund Drive.” As I have mentioned before, matching fund pleas are dishonest. They just restructure funds that have already been committed and are not contingent upon the masses — if they exist at all. It’s a contrivance. A scam.

I’m writing because I’m really concerned about NOM’s finances. Our
receipts are significantly below expectations so far this year, and
our expenses are above what were planned. Unless we can raise $100,000
in funds during the next two weeks, we’re going to have to drastically
cut our

Who knows what to believe anymore? NOM has a horrendous track record. We do not call Brian Brown Mr. Reverse-Midas for nothing. NOM has lost every single cause for which they have put forward resources. When it comes to advocacy, NOM is the kiss of death. One of NOM’s additional problems (aside from utter incompetence) is that the organization is utilizing two offices; one in DC and another in the Philadelphia suburbs. Who the hell told Brian Brown to move? When he goes to DC he is essentially commuting to work at NOM’s expense. One reason for having a Pennsylvania address is to justify these expenses so that they appear not to be a commutation. It’s all perfectly legal. It disregards fiduciary responsibilities but it is not something that disregards the tax code.

To encourage you to act right now, I reached out to one of our best supporters to ask for help, and got a commitment that every contribution made to NOM between now and midnight on April 30th will be matched, dollar for dollar up to a total match of $100,000!

Brown needs to con donors to part with some money. His constituency probably does not realize that they are getting hosed. That verbiage doesn’t even make sense. It suggests that Brown determines who donates what. Were his donors more intellectually curious they would see through this obvious grift.

Brown actually has the temerity to take some credit for Gorsuch’s confirmation. No shame at all:

As you know, NOM has had some tremendous successes and is engaged in a number of critically important projects. Perhaps our biggest accomplishment was to help Justice Neil Gorsuch win confirmation to the US Supreme Court. Justice Gorsuch will hear his first case this week as a Supreme Court Justice, and it is a blockbuster case (Trinity Lutheran Church v. Pauley) involving state discrimination against churches. He could very well cast the deciding vote.

By the way, the Court may now decide not to hear that case (it requested letter briefs) and it has nothing to do with discrimination. This thing goes on and on about all of NOM’s supposed successes. Brown has never learned that less is more when it comes to these things. Now who said that Mr. Brown is witless?

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.