GLSEN Day of Silence

The unhinged and acutely dishonest Larry Tomczak has a message for parents about GLSEN’s “Day of Silence” which occurs this Friday, April 21. Charisma provides an outlet for Tomczak to explain just how terrible it is to be a gay kid. He is a busy little bigot. Were he introspective he might realize that he and his ilk make the Day of Silence a necessity.

I get it. Based on ancient chronicles conservative Christians do not approve of homosexuality. This has been extended to the disapproval of gay people. The Catholic Church expects gay people to be celibate although they do operate a pray-away-the-gay enterprise that treats sexual orientation like a bad habit. I have no clue what the Southern Baptists expect of us. The very idea that there are gay kids scares the crap out of them. It is the fear of contagion. The fact that 20 times as many heterosexual teens are screwing their brains out doesn’t seem to register proportionately. At least gay teens are not creating any pregnancies that Christians find so embarrassing.

Getting back to Mr. Tomczak, his polemic is titled “Will Your Child’s School Silently Promote the LGBT Agenda This Friday?” Scary stuff.

April 21 is GLESN’s <sic> annual “Day of Silence” educating students to enjoy “safe schools for all students regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression.” Students of all ages can symbolically identify with the legitimacy of all sexual lifestyles by choosing to remain silent.

Why must these blockheads insist on their own set of facts. I do not even know what the phrase “identify with the legitimacy” even means. They have a talent for mangling the English language.

In brief:

  • Students demonstrate tolerance for sexual minorities.
  • Tomczak demonstrates his intolerance for those student and sexual minorities.

That pretty much sums up the situation. Presumably Tomczak is wed to the notion that students choose, or are recruited into, being gay or having gender dysphoria. The line forms to his right. Later on:

Under the guise of “safer schools for all” and “protecting students regardless of sexual or gender expression,” GLESN <sic> offers the availability of Lambda Legal services to help with any who oppose. Who they won’t protect are scores of vulnerable students from the inevitable consequences of violating God’s standards for marriage and sexuality.

That’s right. It’s all part of a sinister conspiracy to turn Tomczak’s kids gay. Maybe they are. Or, perhaps, Tomczak is spectacularly insecure. “Vulnerable?” Who, how and to what? What he seems to be suggesting is that GLSEN is turning straight kids gay. In the alternative, by demonstrating support for gay students then those kids who might otherwise choose to be straight will stay gay? None of this is logical. None of it makes a whit of sense.

Tomczak starts to wade into the crazy:

Is it true that it “hurts no one” to support confused young people drifting into transgenderism? Is it really harmless to choose alternate lifestyles clearly prohibited by God, yet endorsed by the LGBTQ community?

Here’s the deal: homosexuality endangers health and our young people are usually the most uninformed about the serious health risks associated with the not-so-gay lifestyle. It is our duty as adults and parents not to remain silent, but to safeguard them from destroying their lives.

Being transgender or gay does not conform to the precepts in those ancient chronicles. Either the people who wrote those old screeds did not understand human sexuality or the entire medical and psychiatric establishment is wrong about people who have gender dysphoria or those folks who are gay. Most normal, well adjusted, sane, educated and critically thinking people accept science over what amounts to superstition if one believes that the ancient texts are the literal word of a deity.

Being LGBT is not a health hazard. Bigotry and intolerance are unhealthy for LGBT people, particularly children.

Tomczak comes unglued:

Because of former President Barack Obama’s advocacy as well
as Hollywood’s emphasis, more and more young people are being lured
into the homosexual and transgender lifestyle. A recent survey revealed that over 7 percent of millennials identify with involvement, which in turn influences youth following behind them.

Not exactly but whatever the number is, it is. I can say, to an absolute certainty, that neither President Obama nor those Jews in Hollywood have any effect on the number of people who are LGBT. They affect tolerance but not the demographic.

To full-tilt bat guano insanity: 

A little while ago, the Centers for Disease Control released their most extensive report ever on homosexual youth, The Youth Risk Behavior Survey. The results were frightening.

What is frightening are statistics related to teen smoking and the risks associated with texting while driving:

Although the prevalence of current cigarette use decreased significantly from 28% percent in 1991 to 11% in 2015, new data from the 2015 survey found that 24% of high school students reported using e-cigarettes during the past 30 days.

Survey findings indicate that the use of technology while driving continues to put youth at risk. Among high school students who had driven a car or other vehicle during the past 30 days, the percentage of teens who texted or e-mailed while driving ranged from 26% to 63% across 35 states, and from 14% to 39% across 18 large urban school districts. Nationwide, 42% of students who had driven a car or other vehicle during the past 30 days texted or e-mailed.

You can drill down on the data and get statistics on the use of bicycle helmets or wearing seat belts. What is “frightening” is Tomczak’s misunderstanding of statistics and his desire to mislead people.

Most of us know that the life expectancy of homosexuals is 20 years less
and the stats are chilling on their high incidence of sexually
transmitted diseases. Consider also some of the other consequences
disclosed in the CDC report, focusing in on young people and

Most of us don’t know that because it is false. Tomczak’s intention is for his readers to infer that the claim of reduced life expectancy is related to the CDC data. He knows that his readers are not going to click on the link. If they do it is to (Exposing Myths About Sexual Orientation). It quotes a 2005 piece in LifeSiteNews regarding Paul Cameron’s circa 1997 “research” based on a review of obituaries (very scientific). Both Cameron and his statistics have been thoroughly discredited. Even Tomczak should know that. He probably does but as I said he also knows that his readers won’t click on the link and, if they do, they will agree with its content absent any critical thinking or the intellectual curiosity to explore the source.

From there Tomczak launches into statistics from the report. Some are correct (like the raw data on suicide attempts) and some are incorrect. Yes, LGBT kids are more likely to attempt suicide which is precisely why we need the Day of Silence. The data set, by the way, is incomplete because clinicians separate real attempts and pleas for help.

Larry has a solution:

Respected leaders like Mike Bickle, Bill Johnson, Dr.
Michael Brown, Michael W. Smith, James Goll, Jennifer LeClaire and Dr.
Jack Hayford stand together in recommending a resource to educate our
children in areas such as these. The Bullseye Challenge provides brief,
immediately accessible videos to properly shape our children’s thinking
on the LGBTQ deception, gay “Christians,” transgenderism, same-sex
marriage, homosexuality in the Boy Scouts, living together and AIDS.

Homophobes unite! Actually the Bullseye Challenge (which he does not link to) is a section of Tomczak’s website. Again, this five-watt bulb is explaining exactly why LGBT advocacy is so important.

A week after the “Day of Silence” event, GLESN <sic> hosts its
annual conference on April 29 in Massachusetts. The organization is
working overtime strategizing how to indoctrinate school children across
America as young as possible with their propaganda endorsing the LGBTQ

That’s right Larry. Gays recruit members and we are after your children. Better hide them from sight.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.