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You knew this was going to happen eventually. Brown’s two gigs competing for the same miserable dollar.

Wednesday, on behalf of National Organization for Marriage, Brian S. Brown informed me of “A major announcement.” I expected something like his two groups would merge. What is was was less, well … “major:”

I’ve got some very exciting and important news: We have just confirmed with the authorities that the 2017 March for Marriage has been officially scheduled for Saturday, June 17th in Washington, DC!

That is your BFD? Brown drones on:

The March for Marriage is an important event to keep the fight to restore marriage in the public eye. It was in 2015 when the US Supreme Court issued their illegitimate, anti-constitutional ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges imposing gay “marriage” on the nation and unleashing a flood of consequences for the overwhelming majority of Americans who continue to revere marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Allow me to enumerate the BS:

  1. This silly demonstration has no effect on American jurisprudence.
  2. The majority of the Supreme Court justices constitute a legitimacy per se.
  3. It is impossible for the Court to render an “anti-Constitutional“ decision. The Supreme Court is the nation’s final arbiter of the Constitution.
  4. There have been no consequences to same-sex marriage let alone a hyperbolic flood.
  5. The overwhelming majority of Americans (about two-thirds) support marriage equality.

Brown’s problem is that the Catholic Church does not approve of gay people. Take his god and religion out of the equation and there is no reason to oppose same-sex marriage.

The drone continues:

has pledged that we will never rest until this illegal, unjust ruling is
reversed. With the election of Donald Trump, and several vacancies on
Supreme Court expected during his term, we have a real chance to reverse
this ruling in the short-term. The appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch
is a
great first step. Now we likely need just one justice from the majority
ruling in Obergefell to retire and we could be in a position to
reverse that ruling. Rumors are flying that such a retirement could occur as early as this summer.

The issue of marriage equality is settled, regardless of the composition of the Court. A fundamental cornerstone of American jurisprudence is stare decisis, a respect for precedence. Furthermore, someone is going to have to successfully assert how they have been injured by same-sex marriage in order to have Article III standing. Note how, in the prior paragraph, Brown is devoid of specifics when it comes to consequences. Most importantly NOM never had any influence on the rulings of the Supreme Court and NOM will have no influence on the rulings of the Supreme Court.

year’s March for Marriage is being co-sponsored by Freedom’s Journal
Institute for the Study of Faith and Public Policy. The organization’s
aim is to
create a “paradigm shift” in the way people, in general, and the African
American populace, in particular, view matters of faith, race and
public policy.

NOM is back to race baiting. Freedom’s Journal
Institute for the Study of Faith and Public Policy is based in Flossmoor, IL. It became a nonprofit in 2015 and filed a tax return by simple e-Postcard (revenues of less than $50,000). The group’s head is Eric M. Wallace. Wallace claims to have an earned PhD in biblical studies from Union Presbyterian Seminary. The seminary lists no doctoral programs. Who knows? Wallace has been an unsuccessful politician and noisemaker.

All of that is pretext for this:

on a major event like the March for Marriage is an enormous undertaking,
one that requires the expenditure of tremendous financial and personnel
resources. I am asking you to act today with an urgent financial contribution
to help us undertake this critical project
. Every donation you make will be matched, dollar for dollar, by a generous donor, up to a total match
of $100,000.

Again with the matching donor scam (and that is all it is).

Thursday, we get email from Brown on behalf of International Organization for the Family. This missive is titled: “Making A Difference, Seeking Support.”

The appeal is a bit more humble but the message is the same:

I also need to ask you for a generous financial gift. IOF has been working at a frenetic pace to get ready for the upcoming WCF XI Congress, which is on top of all our work at the UN, in other global bodies, in organizing regional conferences and our efforts with research and scholarship and with young people. Our resources are running low, and we need to ask supporters to step forward to help us at this critical time. All of us would be enormously grateful if you would make a financial contribution to support our work. Thank you for your consideration.

What “research and scholarship?” Oh, I know. It’s their scholarly journal, Family in America which hasn’t had a new issue in over a year. The World Congress of Families website lists four co-sponsors:

  1. CitizenGO: A Catholic (probably Opus Dei) organization in Spain.
  2. NOM
  3. IOF: Which is International Organization for the Family which is really World Congress of Families which is really the Howard Center
  4. International Organization for the Family: Which is IOF

Aside from the disingenuous listing of IOF twice (or thrice depending upon how you look at it), there is something incestuous about this. It’s always the same groups. I am guessing that NOM and IOF share the same mailing list. It must be daunting even for committed contributors.

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By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.