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The missive from National Organization for Marriage is titled “Watch Our New Video on Religious Liberty.” Brown is asking for money. The email from the hate group World Congress of Families has the subject: “Registration for WCF XI Is Available For Limited Time.” It also asks for money. Even the faithful must have Brown fatigue. Brian has tried to get extra mileage out of each NOM appeal lately by having Frank Schubert re-send the same email as a forward. These poor schmucks who donated are getting inundated with pleas.

The NOM email is the more amusing of the two:

NOM has just released an important new video calling on all marriage supporters to sign our new petition to Attorney General Jeff Sessions to issue comprehensive rules to protect the religious liberty of people who support marriage, life and the truth of gender and ensure we are not targeted by the federal government because of our views.

Notice how they now get gender into the issue list. I am not sure what Brian expects of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III nor do I know what he wants to protect. I am unable to think of a case of federal government overreach. What they are always bitching about are actions on the part of state and municipal governments over which Sessions and Trump have no authority.

The video includes some ridiculous fear mongering about, for example, religious schools losing accreditation (which is not under government control in the first place).  It also features Barronelle Stutzman‘s ugly puss. Her problem is with Washington State.

This powerful new video is part of our ongoing commitment to pressure the Trump administration to once and for all fulfill President Trump’s repeated promises to people of faith that his administration would “do everything in its power to defend and protect religious liberty.”

It looks like they spent about six dollars and I suspect that the narrator is a NOM employee. Nevertheless, I am certain that the administration is over-eager to comply with those whacked out Catholic zealots who backed Ted Cruz.

… we are obligated to call President Trump out when he has not done what he has promised to do – and protecting the religious liberty of people of faith to continue to live out their beliefs about marriage, gender, life and human sexuality is at the top of the “unfulfilled promises” list.

I think that Trump has a few other priorities lately. The West Wing of the Kremlin has been a tad busy of late.

NOM is a top group in the country continuing to pressure the Trump administration to fulfill the president’s promises to provide comprehensive religious liberty protections. We need to raise additional funds to expand the launch of this video and invite more people to sign the petition.

Well at least Brown had sense enough to write “a top group” rather than “the top group.” Nevertheless it is farcical. Then this is followed with the usual “but we cannot do all of this super-good stuff unless you fork over some dough.”

Hang your head in shame Brian Brown. Shame!

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By David Cary Hart

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