Richard Land

It is rare but there are times when American Family Association’s blog is more useful than a dead monkey. Wednesday, for example:

Dr. Richard Land of Southern Evangelical
Seminary tells OneNewsNow he supports Phillips’ conviction but believes
the Holy Spirit might direct another baker to do things differently.

Later on (to digress a tad):

Phillips has said he serves homosexual
customers in his shop, meaning he doesn’t turn them away at the door,
but he refuses to create bawdy cakes for bachelor parties, anti-American
cakes, and demonic images for Halloween.

Isn’t that nice of him. He is willing to take our money subject to his approval. Furthermore, Halloween cakes are not subject to any nondiscrimination laws that I am aware of.

Getting back to the subject:

Referring to
nondiscrimination laws, Land says Christians should follow laws if they
don’t violate clear principles of the Bible. He points to Jesus’ famous
statement to “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.” 

do not believe they have the right to refuse service to someone based
upon their race, their ethnicity, their religion or their sexual
,” he says.

Every now and then I  am pleasantly surprised. 

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