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I have no clue who Mark Mallett is. He describes himself as “Canadian Catholic singer/songwriter and author.” He sells books on his website but seems to be unknown on Amazon. He has some odd ideas about children and sexuality. Wednesday, at LifeSiteNews he writes: “State-sanctioned child abuse is happening all around us.”

After some obligatory preliminaries about abusive priests (in an effort to overcome the inevitable):

Ironically, it is very often the same people who cry foul over the Church’s abuse who are now participating in the mass abuse of children through what is called the “Pride” parade that takes place annually in cities throughout the world.

Oh my!

…for a few hours each year, the very same man who would expose his genitals in front of children in a park — and be charged with indecency — can now do so in front of children on a public street, and “celebrate” it. This is horrendous. It is a crime, or should be. And thus, it is absolutely astounding that politicians, police, and even the very Prime Minister of Canada, should not only participate in such a function, but praise such degeneration as a public good.

I have no idea what goes on in Canada. I watched most of the Miami Beach parade. No one was naked. Porno Pete LaBarbera informs us that the event in San Francisco gets a bit raunchy but I have no personal experience. However, I do have personal experience at Mardis Gras in New Orleans which is actually a Catholic event (it precedes the Catholic tradition of Lent). You want raunch? Go to Mardi Gras. Tits, tits, tits — and plenty of children seeing all those tits. Women expose themselves routinely in exchange for beads. Where is the comparable outrage?

Mallett continues;

This is not about homosexuality. I, and all of us, should be outraged at any parade that would expose innocent children (or anyone) to nudity, simulated acts of anal and oral sex, and costumes that denigrate human sexuality. Indeed, such activity is daily and constantly forbidden and halted in public places by law enforcement. And yet, not only do uniformed officers stand around and watch this child abuse during a Pride event, but in many cities, they actually enter the parade with their own floats! This is outrageous! It’s inexplicable. It’s lawlessness from both a standpoint of logic and reason and basic human decency. This has nothing — absolutely nothing — to do with equality and dignity for all. It has to do with state-sanctioned acts of public perversion. We can only assume so since, if after the parade, the same gyrating, naked 60 year old man entering a schoolyard or playground would be hauled away in a paddywagon.

It most certainly is about homosexuality and, by the way, the term “paddywagon” is an anti-Irish slur. There is a link in there to some guy who isn’t actually naked. Personally I would never be naked in public and I do not think that such nakedness is rampant in Pride parades. Mallett lacks specifics.

How is that you cannot take a child to an R-rated movie and yet it is perfectly lawful to take them to an X-rated parade?

Pride parades are not X-rated and the movie rating system is highly flawed. Nudity doesn’t damage children. Gratuitous violence is damaging to children and there are plenty of violent movies that are not R-rated. Thus, Mallett’s rhetorical question is irrelevant.

So absurd, so twisted has this generation become, that even the tax-payer funded media promote this child abuse without even blinking. This appeared on the Canadian Broadcast Corporation’s (CBC’s) website for last year’s Pride parade, and is still on their website:

Your kids will probably see boobs and penises. There will bodies of all shapes, sizes and in all states of undress. For parents like Ian Duncan, dad to 3-year-old Carson, this is all part of the appeal. “We’re not body shamers,” he says. “It all feeds into my son’s emotional intelligence and sexual development. And it’s never too early to think about that.” Consider the experience as a great opportunity for some interesting discussion. —June 30th, 2016,

It was one of seven tips to enjoying the parade and it begins with a sentence that Mallett omitted: “Be open minded.” It is also out of perspective. The Pride parade is not about nakedness. It is about not being ashamed of being LGBT. Mr. Mallett is in the shaming business. He disapproves of LGBT people because they do not conform to those ancient texts that he is so fond of.

Better BS follows:

Not so proud

You see, part of my ministry is behind the scenes — those emails and conversations with grown men and women who were abused as children; men and women who have left “alternate” lifestyles and are now trying to piece their lives together; men and women who were exposed to pornography at a young age and who are now “messed up” years later from the distortions they witnessed and/or participated in. I can’t imagine how messed up some of these people would be to have had their parents hold them by the hand, give them a balloon, paint their faces with rainbows, and then bring them to a parade to watch two men simulate oral sex with each other, as I saw on one video from a Pride parade.

Kind of a Gish Gallop because of the lack of connectivity and evidence. Furthermore, the research suggesting that teenagers are damaged by pornography is far from definitive. I think we all know about ex-gays (that alternate lifestyle he refers to). If they need to “piece their lives together” it is because of the religious disapproval that they somehow take seriously. He doesn’t provide a link to the offensive video. I suspect that the intended inference is that exposure to gay raunch turns kids gay.

What he is describing at the parade is not porn but suppose it is. Looking at some of the research it is difficult to separate causation from correlation. In other words, does the predisposition to seek out porn on the Internet correlate to sexual unhealthiness or does the viewing of the porn cause sexual problems, or neither? Furthermore, seeking porn on the Internet is unsupervised. Children at Pride parades are not only supervised by their parents but prepared for what they might view and, again, it is well short of pornography.

Denmark still hosts the happiest people in the world. It also has the most liberal pornography laws. That’s not pertinent to this discussion. I just thought that I would introduce some causation/correlation confusion to consider.

The psychological damage of exposing people, especially youth, to
graphic sexuality is well-documented, especially as it pertains to
increasingly aggressive behavior.

“Well documented” means a link to a story in LifeSiteNews. The cites in the cited piece are also limited to LifeSiteNews and those cites will also reference pieces in LifesiteNews and so on in circular reassurance of the veracity of superstitious beliefs. That means that it isn’t well documented at all. In fact it is not even documented. Moreover, the pieces in LSN relate to porn and the parade is not porn no matter how suggestive.

When it comes to exposure of any kind of graphic sexuality to children, the ancient wisdom of God’s Word holds true:

Ah, yes. That great fount of wisdom. Quotes from the Bible via selective observation. They always forget about all of the blood, murder, rape and savagery that is in the same book.

And yet the Prime Minister of Canada is not only posing with nude revellers <sic> but doing everything he possibly can to normalize that which even children themselves know innately is wrong. Heartbreakingly, a lot of this normalization of sin is taking place right in the classroom.

There is a link in there to a Catholic blog referencing homosexual indoctrination. The general belief persists in Christendom that we can turn kids gay. It doesn’t seem, however, to exist in any peer-reviewed research published to a respected scientific journal. “Sin” means not following the religious rules which, without selective observation, would have them all in prison.

On June 15, Bill 16 passed the Canadian Senate, one step before becoming law, that adds “gender expression” and “gender identity” to Canada’s Human Rights Code and to the Criminal Code’s hate crime section. Will “gender expression” also include those public expressions of perversity that have been on full display in front of children? If so, then this law — which is similar to the “children’s rights” bills being pushed at the United Nations — is the death knell of innocence. It means we, as parents, will no longer be able to protect our children from predators and those who would corrupt their purity. It means that we, as a collective human society, have reached a turning point.

Apparently we can also manufacture gender dysphoric children at will. Who the hell is predatory (other than the aforementioned priests)? What it really means that, as a civil society, we recognize that there is an abundance of variation in human sexuality in terms of both sexual orientation and gender identity in infinite combinations — just as we know that geocentrism is nonsense. Their “book” is loaded with inaccuracies about many, many things. It is not, and should not be, a reference for anything regarding public policy.

How about some Red Baiting to liven things up:

But then, Our Lady of Fatima is the one who appeared on the eve of the birth of Communism 100 years ago to warn of its destructive powers — and not only those political. As former FBI agent Cleon Skousen detailed in 1958 in his book, The Naked Communist, the goals of Communism were precisely to infiltrate and undermine Western society, particularly its moral fabric. Among their 45 goals were these:

Forgive me if I do not enumerate. No amount of sarcasm from me will replace the ineptitude of he so I pass.

Ah after the Commies comes the inevitable victimization. Behold:

Persecution comes

Heaven’s call at this hour is to courage and intercession, to faith and boldness, to prayer and more prayer … and to preparation for persecution. We had better take it seriously. We are so close to the tipping point when this Global Revolution will spill over into our daily lives; when our priests will be muted or jailed; when you will lose your job, benefits, or ability to participate in society because of your faith; when your children will be taken away for teaching them the moral natural law, etc.

Oh, the horror of it all. They have been peddling the same crap in the U.S. since prohibition was repealed in 1933.

And the most vulnerable — children — are almost always the worst victims of State totalitarianism … as is once again the case.

LGBT kids, the most vulnerable of all, are routinely victimized by the Church and its apologists. When they stop fucking up and fucking over our children I might be more receptive. When the pope stops idiotically asserting that trans people do not exist; when the Courage Ministry is history once and for all I might give them the benefit of doubt. Meanwhile, Mallett is just another religious crackpot, with a mediocre wit, regurgitating the same nonsense absent critical thinking.

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